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BOPP stickers reign supreme in the world of labels and stickers. BOPP, or biaxially oriented polypropylene, is a specialized type of plastic that has been stretched two different ways during the production process. This improves the material’s thinness, flexibility, strength, clarity, and more. BOPP labels and stickers can be clear or opaque. They offer increased durability and flexibility as opposed to other common types of materials, such as paper and vinyl. To add to the list of benefits, most BOPP material is food safe and can stand up to water, oil, and other common liquids. One major drawback of BOPP material is that it does require specialized equipment. Some printers and label companies use this as an opportunity to charge more for their products. However, when you work with us, BOPP stickers and labels remain affordable and simple to use due to Sticker Mountain’s commitment to high-quality products at an affordable price. Now that we’ve covered the basics of BOPP material, here’s why it is superior to the common alternative: vinyl.

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Why is BOPP better than vinyl?

Put simply, vinyl stickers have a very specific use and place in the wider world of stickers and labels. They are far more ridge, expensive, and thicker than BOPP stickers. While this is somewhat desirable in certain situations, in general, BOPP material covers all the bases that vinyl material does–but better.

For example, consider a novelty bumper sticker. BOPP will be thinner, more flexible, and easier to remove than vinyl. On the other hand, safety stickers on heavy equipment may have to be vinyl in order to hold up to the conditions they face every day.

If you are in a situation where vinyl stickers are a necessity, so be it! However, here at Sticker Mountain, we’ve found that the vast majority of customers and clients are much better served by quality BOPP stickers and labels.

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