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4 Signs You Need A Label Upgrade

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Don’t be outdated; get updated! Product relevance is a factor many companies overlook or have the mindset of “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” That can be a dangerous mindset as the market trends fluctuate far too often to be content. Being aware of competitor products and their changes will help you stay ahead of the market trends and continue to have new and improved product labels that will keep your company at the top. If you’re unsure if you’re ready for a product label upgrade, here are four indicators that should sound the alarm! 

label compliance examples chemical warning hand sanitizer custom labels

1. Updated Legal Requirements

Laws and regulations change yearly at the state level and sometimes at the federal level. These new product regulations should let you know it’s time for an updated custom label. Maintaining compliance with rules and regulations will help keep your products safe and trustworthy.

Inaccurate information will destroy your brand faster than you can snap your fingers. Having correct information on your custom labels is for both customer safety and company liability. For example, alcohol labels have specific requirements from the FDA on what information needs to be on the product label. If any of those requirements change and you fail to update your custom label, it’s non-compliant, leading to massive fines. Accurate information will build customer trust and allow your business to remain on top by providing ever-changing custom product labels. 

2. Similar Competitor Designs

Yikes! If you are beginning to see other product labels that look similar to yours, it’s time to change your custom label! If your custom label isn’t standing out in a crowd, then halt those brakes! Additionally, finding a niche that separates your product label from the others will boost sales. A niche is the specific product you make for the specific audience you serve, which brings us to the third sign you need an updated custom label.

3. Designs That Make You Yawn

Designs that make you yawn? If your design is old and outdated, it’s time for something fresh and new. An outdated design can mean many different things:

First, it means your design does not reflect the brand image you want to portray

Second, an outdated design can lack dimension. For example, Sticker Mountain offers several design options to make your custom label pop. Update your custom labels with eye-catching materialsraised spot UVfoils, or our unique soft-touch matte lamination. 

Lastly, an outdated design will lose your target market. With trends changing so frequently, keeping your custom label design similar with the market changes is a must. Always be one step ahead of the trends to be the next big thing!

4. Unclear Visuals

Another indicator to upgrade your product labels! Unclear visuals consist of unreadable text, fonts, and colors. With the evolving market, there will be times when specific fonts and font sizes on your product label will no longer be successful for your brand. Changing small visuals like these will help your product soar to new levels. Having a product label that customers can read and decipher information easily will generate more sales because, typically, people buy the first product they pick up and like. 

 In brief, if any or all of the four signs above present themselves to you, then don’t wait. Contact Sticker Mountain today so we assist you in creating a new and improved custom product label. At Sticker Mountain, we will take your business to new heights solely based on your custom label order. Are you still trying to figure out where to start? That’s okay; we have an art department full of skilled graphic designers full of fresh ideas! Update your product labels today!

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