At Sticker Mountain, we give you the best of the best in the digital printing industry. From state-of-the-art digital printers, and high-quality materials, to innovative finishers, we know you want fast, affordable quality. We’re excited to announce our newest addition to our digital production process: Embellishments!

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Have you ever seen digital foil? Well, have you heard of cold foiling? It’s the same concept, however, we use digital technology to accurately place foils on any location on your label. The best part? Eliminating waste, as well as the cost of extra tools and time. With the option of implementing 4 different colored foils onto one label is something unheard of: until now. Be on the cutting edge of your industry with beautiful, luxurious and bold foils.

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When you think luxury, you think gold. Create a premium-looking product label without the premium cost.


Silver foil gives your label a cool and classy look. Upgrade the look of your design for a platinum and elegant product label.


With its industrial look, copper foil is perfect for your premium spirit or distillery label while creating a warm and welcoming tone.


Take your labels to the next level with holographic foils. With its iridescent shine, this foil creates a futuristic and bold appearance.

Spot UV

Raised Spot UV labels use eye-catching, high-gloss varnish on key areas of your label design to create a luxurious and bold addition to your custom labels. Create a more realistic and interactive experience for your customers to examine, and ultimately place in their cart. Breathe new life into your labels with Spot UV!

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Matte Lamination

Matte lamination has a satiny, light-diffusing effect that gives a luxurious soft glow when light hits the surface. This low glare makes it easy to read in all lighting conditions. Additionally, the result of the matte finish offers muted colors, meaning it is suitable for highly detailed photos and designs.

Glossy Lamination

Glossy lamination has a high shine. This allows light to reflect off your label or sticker as any glossy surface would. It also allows for a more vibrant finish of your sticker or label. Another key feature of gloss lamination is that it handles UV rays slightly better than matte lamination.

Soft-Touch Matte Lamination

Soft-Touch Matte Lamination gives your labels a velvety, silky touch. With light-diffusing properties, its soft glow makes your label more luxurious, classy, and irresistible. Create premium product labels with a smooth finish, and deluxe experience for your customers.