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Custom Clear Stickers Printing

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Our clear stickers are made of polypropylene or BOPP material and are water and oil-proof. This material gives your sticker a no-border look and allows it to be seen beyond the surface it’s stuck to. Custom clear sticker printing is great for water bottles, laptops, glass, and wherever else you can think of!
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Clear Stickers Have Many Uses

Immerse yourself in the world of our clear stickers, meticulously crafted using the finest polypropylene, commonly known as BOPP material. This ingenious choice ensures that your stickers not only possess a stunning visual appeal but also exhibit remarkable water and oil-resistant qualities.

What sets these clear stickers apart is their seamless integration with their surroundings. The nature of the BOPP material provides a sleek, borderless aesthetic, allowing your sticker to transcend the boundaries of the surface it adheres to. Whether affixed to a water bottle, laptop, glass surface, or any other conceivable location, our clear stickers become an organic extension of their surroundings, enhancing the overall visual experience. You can order clear stickers online to effortlessly obtain this seamless aesthetic for your belongings or projects. 

Their versatility is boundless, making them an ideal choice for adding a touch of personal flair to everyday items or showcasing your brand with subtlety and finesse. Order clear stickers online and adorn your belongings with clear stickers that speak volumes without overwhelming the design. With the unique ability to remain water and oil-proof, these stickers endure the rigors of daily use and environmental challenges without compromising their aesthetics.

Allow your creativity to roam free as you explore the myriad possibilities that clear stickers unlock. Express yourself through a medium that seamlessly fuses with your environment, and watch as your stickers transform into captivating statements, enhancing the charm of any object they grace.

Custom clear stickers are printed on our state-of-the-art digital printer, which allows for quick turnaround time and free shipping! Embark on your sticker journey today and initiate your custom clear sticker printing order with us!

Recommended Embellishments?

Custom clear label sticker for skincare and cosmetics. Clear label sticker for any surfaces. Elevate your brand with our custom clear stickers and labels, which are water- and oil-resistant, and tamper-resistant with value prices, 2-day turnaround, & free shipping.

Cosmetic Stickers

Enhance the elegance of your cosmetic line with custom clear stickers, utilizing our clear sticker printing to showcase your brand’s sophistication while maintaining the focus on your product’s natural beauty.

Candle Stickers

Illuminate the unique charm of your candles by ordering clear stickers, creating a seamless, polished look that allows the colors and textures of your candles to shine through.
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Wine Stickers

Elevate your wine bottles to a level of understated luxury with custom clear stickers, offering a sophisticated and minimalist branding solution that complements the natural allure of your wines.

We Provide Quality And Long Lasting Stickers

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Sticker Mountain Guarantee

Our stickers are 100% guaranteed for your satisfaction. Every batch of stickers are carefully proof checked for errors and are color optimized with full color runs. Your stickers will be created in our factory and shipped directly from us with no middleman. We also guarantee that when you order clear stickers online, they will be shipped within a free 2 day shipping time frame once you approve your label proof.

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