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Metallic Labels and Sticker Printing

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Our metallic labels and stickers are made of quality polypropylene or BOPP material and are water and oil-proof. Metallic label and sticker printing is unique in that when colored inks and glossy or matte laminates are applied, they produce a reflective, metallic effect on your stickers. Metallic labels and stickers are often used for creating a luxurious or attention-grabbing effect for your custom metallic stickers.

What Are the Different Types of Metallic Sticker Printing?

When creating your standout stickers, you might be fascinated to learn there are at least three methods involved in metallic sticker printing. To make the embellishment stand out, we rely on whole sticker/whole label or spot printing to achieve the desired effect.

Which Industries Use Metallic Embellishments?

In reality, almost any industry, company, and entrepreneur can use metallic labels and stickers, regardless of their business type. However, businesses are best known for relying on metallic decorations on their labels to attract customer attention.

These “flashy” industries include many businesses that produce alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, spirits, and distillery companies. The food industry also relies on metallic labels. You are likely to see them on designs for coffee, honey, and candy product labels. Pharmaceutical companies also like to add metallic touches to the labels of products — CBD, cannabis, and supplement products, as well as medications. Last but not least, metallic labels are widely used for cosmetic, household, and chemical products.

Ways to Use Metallic Sticker Printing to Make Your Product Stand Out

Silver Lettering: Many successful brands have focused on metallic letters or partially metallic fonts to add that magic factor to their label.

Frame: Another tried and trusted way to use metallic embellishments is to use it as a frame. It can be a simple geometric frame around the label or an ornate arrangement around the edges.

Limited or Luxury Offers: Buyers are attracted to limited-offer products that appear well-designed and even collector quality. The same goes for high-quality items. Appearing luxurious, well-used metallic embellishments can help such products catch the interest of consumers.

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Stickers Have Many Uses

Are you looking to expand your brand with stickers? Do you have a custom art project that you would like to promote? Or maybe you have an event in which you need to reach masses of consumers. With high-resolution custom metallic sticker printing, you gain higher visibility for your product, event, or business. Your custom metallic stickers are printed on special paper where the metallic finish shines through the ink, allowing your custom design to pop. Want to be different? Start your custom metallic label or sticker order today!

Recommended Embellishments?

Hemp Stickers

Boost the appeal of your hemp products with our metallic sticker printing, creating striking metallic labels that convey the premium nature and unique qualities of your hemp offerings.

Beer Stickers

Elevate your beer brand with eye-catching metallic labels, utilizing our metallic sticker printing to give your brews a premium look that stands out in a crowded market.
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Household Product Stickers

Elevate the appeal of your household products with metallic sticker printing, crafting shimmering metallic labels that bring a touch of sophistication and high-quality finish to your branding.

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Our stickers are 100% guaranteed for your satisfaction. Every batch of stickers is carefully proof-checked for errors and is color optimized for full-color runs. Your stickers will be created in our factory and shipped directly from us with no middleman. We also guarantee free shipping for every order and a 48-hour turnaround time from art approval.

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