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5 Ways Tamper-Proof Labels Help Companies

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No one wants someone else messing around with their products or things, either as a seller or as a buyer! However, people are always curious and may not respect the seller’s wishes.

The Solution: Tamper-Proof Labels

This basic human fact is a large part of why tamper-proof labels are quickly becoming popular in all sorts of industries. These specific types of labels provide an extra layer of security for all sorts of goods. From food to luxury items, tamper-proof labels are a simple way to keep these items in check.

Let’s take a look at the five most common ways tamper-proof labels help companies and how they may benefit you!

Reducing product theft

First and foremost, tamper-proof labels reduce product theft. This may be through an electronic signature that needs to be deactivated before the product leaves the store, a substance that will cover the product if the container label is not removed, or a simple visual reminder that this item has not yet been paid for.

Depending on the level of sophistication, the label technology can be scaled up or down to suit your needs.

Eliminating unlawful label transfers

As sellers, we’d like to trust consumers. However, this is not always possible or practical. In smaller shops and businesses, unlawful label transfers pose a big problem. When you invest in tamper-proof labels, it becomes difficult for customers to swap labels between products, allowing you to charge a fair price!

This is true for most boutique or specialty shops.

Observing tampered products

Issues don’t just happen in the shops or at the point of sale. They can happen at any point in your supply chain! After the products are all packaged up and ready to go, tamper-proof labels give a quick visual confirmation that the product is safe before the customers see it.

Certainly, we eliminate the possibility of label transfers through this visual check.

Using barcode labels to track high-value inventory

Barcode labels don’t necessarily come to mind when discussing tamper-proof labels. For the thrifty manager or business owner, they can easily be used as such. How? By using your barcodes to track high-value inventory.

Depending on your system, you may be able to track your highest value items automatically!

Tamper-proof labels can do so much more!

Finally, tamper-proof labels don’t need to be a one-trick pony. They can also be used in multiple other ways, such as:

  • Sharing important product information
  • Displaying your brand
  • Promoting the product
  • And even direct the customer to your online presence, via a QR code!

Here at Sticker Mountain, we know the importance of meeting your unique needs. In some cases, this is achieved through multi-purpose labels. Others may need a specific tamper-free label in addition to other product labels.

When you have questions, concerns, or simply don’t know how to move forward, our team is ready to help. Contact us today to get started on the journey to the right label for YOU.