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7 Things To Check for Approving Your Artwork

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Check, check, check! That’s what we like to say to our customers when they are in the final approval process for artwork design on their custom labels. Artwork approval is the most crucial step in printing custom labels. With perfect artwork, comes a perfect label. That is where you come in! At Sticker Mountain, we have an approval process to ensure you receive a perfect label every time. There are a few important elements to consider when approving your artwork. Remember, your product branding is the face of your company, so here is a list of suggestions on what to look for during the artwork proofing process. 

1. Accurate Information

First, double-check check all the information on your custom label is accurate. Accuracy builds trust in your product. By providing accurate and updated information, your custom label will remain within standard guidelines for the greater good of your customers. Things to review:

Brand or Product name 

Ingredients- make sure the correct amount is labeled

Weight and serving size information

Depending on your product, certain areas may require additional details.

olive oil company labels

2. Consistent Colors

Second, look for consistency in your color pallet. Reviewing and ensuring your brand’s colors match those on your custom label design is critical. For example, if your branding colors are red, white, and blue, it wouldn’t be too good if your custom label had pink, grey and green. The main goal is to create a strong brand that is reflected in your label! We also have a video series on color theory, as well as how we can accurately match your colors with our digital printers!

3. Label Compliance

The third step is to look over the regulations for your product industry. For example, if you are in the food and beverage industry, there are specific FDA and state regulations you must abide by. Otherwise, you are non-compliant and will be fined heavily. When reviewing your artwork proof, give a thorough look to ensure your information is correct and up to date so you are in compliance. We even have our own video on the subject you can watch here!

This applies to many industries, including:



Food and Beverage 

4. Legibility

Fourth, is your custom label readable? Many small factors come into play with this question. While reviewing your artwork, you will want to look at the text, font, and size to see if the information on your label is easy to read and visually pleasing to the eye. While reviewing this, ensuring your custom label’s information is clear, concise, and professional is vital. Size and placement matter; if you need clarification, we encourage you to ask one of our art department professionals for help!

5. Typos

The Fifth suggestion on this list is proofreading for grammar errors. It would be a shame to lose a potential customer because of a misspelled word. Spelling and grammar are simple mistakes that slowly bring your creditability down over time. We call it death by a thousand cuts. Spelling can also change the meanings of words, such as the words week and weak. Another issue is important information like your business address and phone number. You don’t want to leave someone hanging when they’re trying to contact you. Double-check everything! 

hair product labels
beauty product labels

6. Correct size

Lastly, the sixth step is to ensure the custom label will fit your product. Far too many times, there are incorrect product packaging measurements, and the label is either too large or too small. It is essential to ensure the label fits beautifully onto the product packaging. It leaves a good first impression, and really a standard level of quality for your business. Visit our YouTube channel for a tutorial on measuring your packaging, or ask one of our experts for details for measuring. 

All in all, the information above will guarantee you a crisp, clear, mistake-free custom label. At Sticker Mountain, we pride ourselves on making our clients happy, so our spectacular art team can easily assist with any question or issue. Our art department will proof your artwork until it is precisely how you want it! For more information on FDA and state product guidelines, visit here. For more details about the artwork on your custom label order, visit our YouTube channel.

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