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Best Food Labels

food labels
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Life isn’t always about the necessities. Sometimes, the experiences are what matter most. From earth-shaking changes to a sticker that inspires a smile, people remember experiences.

And this directly impacts the best label types for foods and beverages, particularly for small companies competing with larger forces. Once the necessities are taken care of, it’s time to bring the wow factor into play!

How can you make that happen? Let’s look at what makes up the best food and beverage labels and how you can leverage that in your own designs.

Hot Sauce Label1. Provide all required information

First of all, you must provide all information that the government regulations require for your specific food or beverage. In America, this information is decided by the Food and Drug Administration.  As this is an extremely common question, the FDA provides its guidelines here.

Because this is so important, the best food and beverage labels build their overall label design around this requirement. Here at Sticker Mountain, we recommend you do the same as you design the perfect label for your needs.

2. Provide any specific company information

Next up is any specific company or branding information necessary per the company’s internal rules. Some examples of this kind of information include:

  • Logos
  • Company stories or mission statements
  • Specific product branding

This is a great place to incorporate your story into multiple different products that you may offer. Small businesses can take advantage of the required information on their labels to provide a sense of community, family, and trust–all before the first person buys your food or beverage!

3. Consider any special product requirements

Now it’s time to consider the different types of labels and which ones will suit your product requirements best. For example, most small-batch wineries will use clear BOPP labels in order to showcase the entire bottle of wine. On the other hand, homemade cookies and other baked goods may need a simple paper label that is easy to peel away from the packaging.

Here’s an easy set of questions to help guide you through the process.

  • Does the product packaging require a clear label?
  • Will the label get wet?
  • What type of background would you like the label to have?
  • What kind of packaging will the label be stuck to? How firmly will it need to stick?

The answers to these questions govern what stock, lamination, and shape will be best for you. In general, waterproof labels will be best for most food and beverage products because of the challenges that these labels will face.

4. Create a customer experience

Finally, the best labels on food and beverages make an impression on consumers. From beautifully minimalistic clear labels that state exactly what they need to and no more, to crowded, colorful, impact-focused labels, they all offer an experience.

What will your experience be?

When you are ready to craft your food or beverage label and start the search for your perfect customer experience, Sticker Mountain is here to help you. We’ve got talented experts for every step of the process, from the initial design to the final shipment.

Let’s create the best labels for food and beverage products together.