Adam is the kind of guy that brings a machine polisher on a trip with him because he doesn’t want to drive a dirty rental car. Once, Adam removed a forklift from his warehouse for two hours (stopping all production) just so that he could wash it outside with a pressure washer. After that, he thoroughly cleaned the dumpster out front. Call it crazy, but that’s just normal around Adam’s Polishes.

They didn’t make it this far by being “normal”. Perfection drives them. From product innovation to dumpster cleaning. The folk’s at Adam’s Polishes don’t settle, so they knew they couldn’t settle for a subpar, slow label printing company. That’s where Sticker Mountain comes in.

Problems We Solve

Nicole with Adam’s Polishes came to us with a problem. Can we get their labels out on time? They had a rush for household product labels that they needed ASAP, and no other label provider around could do it! They were pushed to the side, and felt undervalued wherever they went. No one understood their urgency!

That is, until they found Sticker Mountain.

We offered exactly what they were looking for in the time frame they needed it. They could get their products out on time and not miss a beat. Now, our strong relationship has developed to creating beautiful works of art with their labels on time every time. They never have to worry about the labels they need to be delivered to them on time. Not only that, but we collaborate on fun and unique labels that not many in their industry utilize: embellishments. From Raised Spot UV to bold Holographic foil, we give Adam’s Polishes what they’re looking for, and then some!

To learn more about this company and the great work they do to keep your cars shiny, click here!