Introducing Bonfire Burritos – a fast-casual restaurant that takes pride in its uniqueness and commitment to delivering quality, appetizing meals to its valued customers.

With an emphasis on creating in-house menu items, their culinary offerings are carefully crafted to satisfy every palate. Their brick-and-mortar location has grown to accommodate additional space for smoking Pork and Carne Asada, adding a distinctive touch to their delightful dishes. At the heart of Bonfire Burritos’ success is its exceptional staff, who continually explore new ways to elevate their menu and dining experience for all visitors.

Beyond serving mouthwatering food, Bonfire Burritos extends its impact on the community. They actively engage with non-profit groups, such as the BGoldn program, providing essential food support to needy families and educators in the Golden Area. Additionally, their generous customers have made it possible for Bonfire Burritos to contribute by donating burritos to various healthcare organizations throughout the Denver Metro Area. 

Next time you find yourself in Golden, Colorado, drop by Bonfire Burritos and indulge in their culinary magic. Experience the taste of passion, compassion, and a commitment to excellence that makes their story truly special.

The Challenges We Solved

The Challenges

Bonfire Burritos found themselves in a tight spot when they urgently needed a large number of custom labels. Their previous printer let them down, leaving them in a challenging situation. Searching for a reliable printing solution to meet their label needs, they stumbled upon Sticker Mountain, and we were more than up for the challenge!

Enhanced Functionality

Our team of experts has a complete understanding of the food industry’s needs for custom labels and stickers. Specifically, we recognize the significance of having tamper-proof, waterproof, and oil-proof food labels that can stay securely attached to their distinctive burritos. To address this, we recommended durable white Bopp labels, perfect for their application. We added a matte laminate to the labels to further enhance the functionality, allowing easy marking of the ordered burritos.

Time To Market

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With our solution, Bonfire Burritos can now enjoy food labels that adhere flawlessly to the wrappers encasing their mouthwatering burritos. We are thrilled to have played a part in making their business operations smoother and more efficient. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, count on Sticker Mountain to provide the professional printing support you need! 

And by the way, don’t miss out on trying these incredible burritos that are truly to die for!