A small company, based in Pennsylvania, Everyday Holistic is a health and wellness company that aims to educate people on the world of supplements and the world of alternative medicines.

It all started with a concern for his father’s health and an interest in learning about alternative ways to be healthy and sharing that with others.

From there, he wrote a book about the top 5 supplements that anyone can start their journey with. And now, he has worked with the best of the best to develop tasty, easy-to-take gummies that help relieve your typical Friday Night.

Problems We Solve

The reason why Everyday Holistic chose Sticker Mountain? “The amazing quality but affordability” that we were able to offer him. Plus, we were able to “deliver what we set out to do from the beginning.” Here’s the story:

Manny reached out for information on some labels for a product he was releasing. He needed labels that would fit a very specific bag size, as well as match the color of the bag itself. For this project, we used our white bopp matte labels since it worked well for his small matte bags. Additionally, we assisted in developing artwork that fits proportionately to these new bags. Finally, we ensured the colors matched the bag color. Please with our work, the art was approved and sent to Manny in time for his debut!

Thanks Manny!

Check out his awesome gummies here!

Watch the video below to see how we created these one of a kind supplement labels for Everyday Holistic.