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Hinman Pie is a wholesale and retail artisan bakery in Denver, CO. They make extraordinary pies, and you can only find them in local Farmer’s Markets throughout the state! 

What makes his pies so special is that they invoke a smile. They bring back memories and stories. Like precious time spent with family & friends, destinations we long to get back to or sometimes they may just make us hum a tune. At the end of the day, it’s not about the pie, it’s about the stories the pie creates. John’s on a mission to serve up those stories, one pie at a time. It’s the kind of pie you’d drive your Chevy to the levee for. Even if the levee was dry. 

 At Sticker Mountain are thrilled to be a part of their story. Check it out below!

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Problems We Solve

Hinman Pie was in the middle of revamping their brand when they discovered they needed a new label printer! They needed to up their game due to their increasing popularity, and overall presence with their tamper seal, food labels. They needed something that could easily tear, or be removed but also show off the the flavors of their delicious pies. That is when they found us!

To accomplish their goals, we used: 

  • White Bopp material with our gloss laminate. 
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This made for a durable, and waterproof seal for their pie boxes.  Because of the glossy laminate, they didn’t have to worry about colors fading or running while out at the market. Additionally, they had issues in the past with their labels coming off their boxes while being frozen. Once Hinman found us, he discovered that our label adhesive stays better while in the freezer, and the colors are more consistent and vibrant.

We’re proud to work with John and his team! If you want to learn more about the beautiful pies they make, check them out here

Sticker Mountain custom label printing with soft touch matte lamination raised spot uv and gold foil with white bopp

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