John Raushi and Nick Koumalatsos met in 2018 and started their journey to becoming the fastest growing organic grooming company in the country. When the two former Marines met, Raushi had mastered his million dollar formulas and was running the business from home, funding it by donating plasma with his wife and doing local sales through Instagram messages. Koumalatsos and his wife invested in building the Johnny Slicks brand and the company took off. In October of 2021, Forbes called a Johnny Slicks oil based pomade one of the year’s best grooming items for men.

Problems We Solve

John Raushi at Johnny Slicks found himself thinking he was getting the best deal for his men’s body care labels. Johnny found that he received his orders slower than he was needing them. This is unacceptable for his loyal fans. That’s when he met Sticker Mountain. 

We offered something not a lot of places have the ability to offer: lower costs for higher quality. 

Not only that but he doesn’t lose out on speed either. For example, our online portal makes it easy for Johnny to quickly reorder and new designs. 

Most importantly, Johnny is thrilled to receive his order earlier than expected. With reliable customer service and accurate/efficient ordering, he has found a team that truly cares about his business, and how his brand is represented.

Since our partnership, we have provided labels that are waterproof, and color-matched with excellence. Choosing our white bopp, matte material, his labels hold up against the constant use and abuse his products go through on the daily. Neither he nor his customers have to worry about the label running, peeling, scratching or coming off. 

We’re proud to work with Johnny and his team! If you want to learn more about what they do and how they do it, check them out here!