Denver, Colorado, is the home to Melissa Kovach, the owner, and co-founder of Make and C Handmade Goods. The term Make and C comes from an old-fashioned way of saying excreta or other similar things. Melissa knew years and years ago that she was crafty and liked making fun handmade goods specific to people’s wants and needs. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Melissa felt a calling that she needed to create something that would bring light and happiness to people’s lives. Melissa wanted to stock her shelves with goods that were so unique and one of a kind that customers got exclusive products and got to have a great overall experience. When Melissa’s candle-making business took off, she sought out Sticker Mountain for custom labels representing her business. 

Problems We Solve

Melissa’s first round of labels was… okay. She printed everything herself from home to cut down on costs in order for her business to take off. However, she noticed that her home-printed labels wasn’t up to par. On top of that, they would fall off her candles when traveling to different Farmer’s Markets and festivals. How embarrassing! Not only that but the colors never really matched what she was hoping for, nor between each time she printed. Finally, her labels home-printed labels faced typical Colorado weather… and did not fare well. Now that’s frustrating. 

Here is where Sticker Mountain comes to the picture.

Finding us through Instagram she gave us a shot with one of her limited edition candle scents… and loved them! With a white bopp base, her labels were guaranteed to handle the heat from her candles. Sealed with a matte laminate, her labels were also protected from any weather and oil that may come its way. Our final thing to check off was the color matching, and she was amazed to see her true colors come to life!


Check out her Etsy store here!

Watch the video below to see how she makes her wonderful candles as well as her story with Sticker Mountain.

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