Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is a nationwide, non-profit organization that develops programs serving wounded military service members through therapeutic outdoor recreation. 

Their activity of choice? Fly Fishing!

The folks in this program are compassionate, excellent, accountable, respectful and humble. In addition, they give veterans a new mission and passion. In fact, they are even supported by Henry Winkler! Through this program, thousands of veterans are given a new opportunity to heal emotionally and physically. Now this is something the yetis at Sticker Mountain can get behind!

Problems We Solve

The reason why Project Healing Waters chose Sticker Mountain? The convenience of a simple online ordering system, as well as our love for fly fishing.

In fact, we support a variety of charities each year, such as Henry’s Fork Foundation. We knew we needed to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

To create stickers for this program, we needed a material that can hold up to the waters that these stickers would be exposed to. So, we used our white bopp material as the base with a glossy laminate to seal it together. This created a waterproof sticker that is fade-resistant and gives their receivers a token to remember their time on the water. Another way to help bring them back to a place of solitude and peace.

Stickers can really do more than you think. These little sticky pieces of colored paper can show support for a certain team or organization, spread the word on a favorite business or brand, or a way to express one’s personality. Though it is something so simple, folks like those at Project Healing Waters, know its much more than that.

To learn more about this great organization, click the link here.