TN Cannabis Co believes the benefits of cannabis should be affordable for everyone. In fact, they work endlessly to find a way to provide the highest quality cannabis products at everyday affordable rates. Their mission is to Change Lives One Customer at a Time. To accomplish this goal, they provide a holistic way of healing without using industrialized pharmaceuticals.

TN Cannabis Co offers a wide array of cannabis products geared to address individual needs. Similar to Sticker Mountain, their seasoned staff educates and ensures the customer is comfortable with the alternative medicine they choose.

That’s why Sticker Mountain created the highest quality, premium labels at an affordable price for this premium cannabis company. Learn how down below.

Problems We Solve

TN Cannabis Co creates premium cannabis products, such as full spectrum CBD tinctures, pre-rolls, muscle relief, and more! In order to showcase the high quality of their products, they needed a durable and affordable premium label. We knew our white bopp label material with our matte laminate would be up for the job. It’s water and oil proof, while giving their products a professional look. They don’t have to worry about their oils being absorbed by the label. 

Now to take it to the next level. In addition to standing out, we applied our Raised Spot UV to key areas of their design, such as their logo, text other design elements. As a result, their labels reinforce the quality of their products. Through these simple effects and exciting design elements, they now have excellent labels for their star products.

Check out their products here!