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8 Tips for Creating The Best Product Label

Best Product Labels For Your Business
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Let’s face it: Finding, creating, or making a label for a new product is stressful. For larger companies, it’s incredibly important to incorporate many different moving parts into a cohesive whole with everything else in the company. For smaller businesses, budget, quality, and a hundred other considerations plague the process, making it hard to even start the search.

How can companies narrow down their search and find the best product labels for their needs? Sticker Mountain is here to help. We’ll guide you through what makes great product labels, what companies and organizations of all sizes should know, and how we can help you make your dreams of the perfect product label reality.

Let’s get started with 8 tips for creating the best product label for your business.

Labels Printed For BusinessesWhat makes a great product label?

The best product labels:

  • Provide all required information to the consumer
  • Last as long or longer than the product they are attached to
  • Communicate businesses’ key differentiators
  • And draw the consumers’ attention.

These four points can vary dramatically depending on the product and question. For example, consider a decorative plate of gourmet cookies. The label on the bottom of the plate must share very different information and have very different requirements than the label on a can of motor oil!

While that is a case of dramatic difference, subtler differences can be much harder to pin down into the small space of a label. Consider two different types of jam. The first is from a large company that is well-known. The second is a small, artisanal batch that is only produced from a specific farm.

What information do you need in order to craft the best product labels for your needs?

What companies should know

When companies set about crafting product labels, they should keep in mind four major points:

  1. Who they’re selling to, i. e. their target market
  2. All governmental and local rules and regulations that apply to the product in question
  3. All company branding policy
  4. And the general appearance of the label in question.

These four points are the platform on which all successful labels are created. Everything else– design, wording, type of sticker, paper sock, font sizes, and so on are governed by these four points.

Candle Business LabelsTip for smaller companies and organizations: If you don’t have any standardized branding guidelines, now is the perfect time to create them for the future! Check out our other blog posts on quality sticker design and creation in our archives to learn more.

With all that being said, why should you choose Sticker Mountain to partner with you on the journey to the perfect product label?

The Sticker Mountain promise

When you choose Sticker Mountain, you work with a team of experts that have been there and back again. From tiny specialized runs to hundreds of basic designs, we’ve been there and done it all.

Feeling stuck on sticker design? Worried about not meeting all the regulations? Bogged down in the process? We are here to help you.

Contact us today to start your journey to the perfect product label and beyond.