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Designing Eye-Catching Food Packaging Labels: Tips and Tricks

A jar of pasta sauce with a blank label on a stone countertop with basil and tomatoes surrounding it and a kitchen in the background.
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Are you a culinary wizard with a food product that makes people’s tastebuds happy? To stand out among competitors, you need a food label design as delicious as your tasty creations. Let’s dive into all the basics you need to know for unique food label ideas for your next product.

Start With FDA Regulations

All food product labels must comply with FDA regulations. It is essential to order FDA nutritional facts labels for your products to stay legal and foster a sense of trust with consumers. These days, people want to see what’s in their food, so keep that in mind!

The required information can vary from product to product, but you can expect to add mandatory sections like personal branding, product identity, weight, expiration date, ingredients, and warnings. 

Choose Your Food Label Size and Design Elements

Now’s the time to let your creativity take your product to the next level. Look at your container and decide which food label size and shape suits it best. Once you have your size and shape, you can add the FDA details and choose your color palette, fonts, images, and composition. 

Take your time and experiment with a minimalist look, a classic design (for example, a farm theme for a vegetable product), or a unique style that reflects your voice. Whatever you try, always ensure your food packaging label designs look clean, coherent, attractive, and colorful. 

Use Popular Embellishments

A surefire way to make your food label design stand out from the competition is to add embellishments. These extras could range from vibrant white labels to metallic features and elements. Embossing, or high gloss spot varnish, is another highly popular option with label designers as it adds a sense of luxury and a pleasing tactile experience to labels.

Ready to Order Your Labels?

Ready to Order Your Labels?