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Durable Chemical Labels

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What is the first thing you see when you open your cleaning cabinet? You see cleaning products containing powerful chemicals. These chemical products are not only household cleaning products but also outdoor ones. What do all major chemical products have in common? They all have custom labels on the bottles or jars, which is essential to everyday public health. Chemical labels must be durable and, under no circumstance, peel off.

It is interesting how many chemicals are in the everyday products we use, so having product usage and warning labels are essential to household health. Below are chemical products that we will break down by indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Product Labels

Outdoor chemical products consist of sprays and poisons. Most times, chemicals keep away bugs like spiders and ants, and are also used to get rid of rats and mice. The most critical component of these products are their custom chemical labels. Consumers depend on those labels to inform them what is in the product. Here are a few examples of outdoor chemical products that need custom labels:

  • Bug Sprays
  • Lawn Fertilizer
  • Weed spray
  • Poison for rodent control
  • Home garden sprays

Indoor Product Labels

Indoor chemical labels are just as important as outdoor ones. Knowing what you use inside your home is very important, as certain mixtures can turn toxic. As mentioned above, it is vital to public health to understand what is inside the chemical products used in our homes. When designing chemical labels, your labels must be bright and get your warning across. Bright colors naturally attract the human eye, which is key to noticing your chemical labels. Just a few examples of inside chemicals are:

  • Clorox spray
  • Bleach liquid and spray
  • Bathroom cleaners (Lysol, Scrubbing Bubbles, etc.)
  • Mr. Clean
  • Home projects (painting, tile sealers, basically any remodeling finishing product)
custom adams polishes home products white bopp matte laminate

Durable Product Labels

Being that it is very serious for all chemicals to be labeled, whether for indoor or outdoor use. The durability of your chemical identification labels must be strong. At Sticker Mountain, we guarantee you will receive durable chemical labels. There are three features to our labels that give us the confidence to guarantee our chemical labels will not peel off:

  1. Waterproof
  2. Oil Resistant
  3. Can withstand extreme temperatures

Durable chemical labels are essential for avoiding accidents and lawsuits. It is reassuring to know that if your product is being used in someone’s house or yard, the chemical identification label will still be there. Another component to keep in mind when designing your chemical label is to use eye-catching colors like yellow, red, and orange. These colors will help the warning labels stand out, so consumers know what to avoid. Sticker Mountain offers a variety of shapes and sizes for your chemical bottle labels.

What Goes On You Durable Chemical Label?

You can go to the FDA regulations website for more information when labeling your chemical bottle. While many delicate parts are involved, your label has a few main must-haves.

  • The name of your product– consumers must know what they are using and what the product is intended for.
  • Ingredients– customers should know everything about the chemical product they are using in case of emergencies, allergies, and toxicity.
  • Warning label– the warning label is crucial because it gives your buyers total transparency on the effects the chemicals could have if it is used wrong. For example, Bleach cleaner should never be mixed with other cleaning solutions, or it will form toxic fumes. This information is directly on the warning label.

Sticker Mountain will provide you with the highest quality chemical labels. With over 45 years of experience in the label industry, we can guarantee you will love your custom labels with us. If you need help choosing colors for your design or support with your logo, you can contact our customer service and work directly with one of our graphic art experts! Let your mind be at ease knowing you are getting the best quality chemical labels in town.