Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can put custom laser cutouts on a roll if you would like. However, we recommend putting them on sticker sheets or individual cuts because the most common applications need individualized stickers.

Generally, people put the image on a white background and select a durable material. This is the most quick, basic, high-quality route to ordering.  We always recommend choosing a waterproof label.

No, not at this time using our regular upload. However, please call us at 720-618-5310 to discuss special orders. We will find the right solution for your situation.

YES!! We want your message to stick around so we use state-of-the-art technology and high-quality paper for long-lasting stickers and labels.

YES.  We will take your artwork provided and print it how your file indicates using four-color process building the images.

No problem! Your satisfaction is our number one priority.  We want to make sure you are happy, and we will do whatever we can to rectify the issue. Please call our customer service department at 720-618-5310 and we will find a solution that meets your labels or sticker order requirements.

This is an electronic file that we will send you to review and approve the final design. We want to ensure all the details on your order are correct, that the design is accurate and what you were expecting, and you approve for us to print your order.

First, try refreshing your page. Then, check to make sure you are using approved file formats that are stated on the upload page. After checking file formats, if it is still not working, contact customer service at 720-618-5310 and we will make sure your artwork gets into the job queue!

Good question!  Choose either a sticker or a label.  Then follow the prompts and choices.  Once your artwork or image is uploaded, we will send you a digital proof and wait for your approval.  Once you approve your order, it will be printed and shipped out.

Stickers are individual and come in stacks.  We use a laser die cutter to cut around a die line giving it curves and special shapes.  Labels are on rolls and are usually used for longer runs and have the option to hand label or machine apply your label on your products.

Yes, we can ship them overnight.  Upgrading to overnight or quicker shipping will increase the cost. We will need all proof approvals by 11:00AM and then the order will ship out the next day.

We choose the most economical way to ship out depending on the size of your order.  If you require specific shipping instructions, please contact customer service to better assist you.  Please keep in mind this may affect the turnaround time on your order.  Yes, we can blind ship your packages upon request.

We do our best to protect your products when being sent; however, unforeseen problems can occur during shipment.  If that happens please do not accept the package from UPS or whichever method of shipment, so that the liability can remain in the delivery.  Once you accept the delivery, we can no longer place a claim. If you have an issue with the labels, please call or email us right away so we can investigate and address the problems.

Yes, we can split it up and ship to meet your requirements.  A customer agent may reach out to you to confirm your special instructions.  Extra charges may occur.

We ship Monday through Friday and work hard to keep shipments on-time.  You should receive a tracking number once your order ships, and you’ll be able to track your order.

File format: The following formats are acceptable for uploads: TIF, TIFF, EPS, AI, PSD, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF. All file formats, ensure all layers are flattened.

Resolution: In order for an image to print correctly, all file formats must be submitted at a resolution of 350 dpi at 100% of the final print size, 1/16″ for safe zone away from the trim line, and bleeds .1″. When file resolution is lower than 350 dpi, the final print will have a substantial drop in the image quality.

Color Mode: We require that you provide us with print-ready digital files in CMYK color mod. Provide all black and white artwork in grayscale color mode. We do not accept any other color mode.