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Henry’s Fork Foundation

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Fly Fishing Stickers
Fly Fishing Stickers

We Give Back To Henry’s Fork Foundation

Each year, Sticker Mountain gives back a percentage of our profits to a charitable foundation or organization. It’s one of the major initiatives that make us different and this year, we’re stepping outside the traditional charity foundations by partnering with Henry’s Fork Foundation.

While some people will never think beyond the beauty of outdoor pictures, others are out there conserving and maintaining these beautiful spots. Thanks to these folks, we can enjoy the beauty for years to come. Although many of us might think that the rivers are maintained on their own, they are not. As such, they can be vulnerable to pollution, overfishing, and other kinds of mismanagement.

What They Do

The Henry’s Fork Foundation steps up to the plate to fill the gap. This foundation assists in successfully maintaining and conserving the 126 miles of the Henry’s Fork watershed and trout population. For example, they take care of fisheries’ health, habitat/biological research, and restoration projects. In other words, “this foundation is the voice of the river” in a world that sometimes forgets to listen.

Additionally, they have also helped start the South Fork Initiative. They expand their reach to other watersheds in the area that need protection from modern-day threats.

With significant issues such as drought, changing climate, and variable weather, we need people and foundations like Henry’s Fork to develop innovative approaches to solving problems such as these. Here at Sticker Mountain, our teams have enjoyed all of our interactions with those who have purchased fly fishing stickers. Their passion for helping maintain the river is clear. For instance, they execute and go above and beyond to do what it takes to keep the ecosystem healthy.

No matter if you are a hardcore outdoor person or simply enjoy the views from inside your home, we all need people who support these places.

The Sticker Mountain Promise

Sticker Mountain is committed to supporting that–for ourselves, for our country, and for the people who will come after us.

To everyone at Henry’s Fork Foundation, we want to thank you for trusting in us to get your message out and thank you for all you do. We’re so excited to support you and to share your message with our community!

If you would like more information about this foundation please go to their website and read about all they do. You can find them at or check out their showcase video here: 

Finally, we want to offer you this coupon code: HFF2020. It will give you  15% off of your entire order and 3% of all sales with this coupon code will go to the Henry’s Fork Foundation.

Let’s help support our communities, one step at a time.