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How to Create A Die-Line for a Rectangular Sticker In Adobe Illustrator

rectangular sticker die line adobe tutorial
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The best part about designing your custom sticker is having it look exactly how you want it! However, when making die-cut lines can get confusing. Sticker Mountain is here to help. In today’s blog, we will walk you through step-by-step tutorial creating die-line for a rectangular sticker using Adobe Illustrator. 

In this example, we will create a 3 X 2 inch rectangular sticker.

Step 1: Open your artwork in Adobe Illustrator

open art in illustrator

Step 2: Resize your artwork

Resize the artwork to fit inside the 3X2 Inch rectangle. Or what the desired size is for your sticker. This particular example will be sizing it down by 0.25 inches smaller than the sticker. To do this:

click on artwork

Click on your artwork

Then go to the top of the screen where it has the dimensions. Make sure the dimensions are locked, so you do not warp your artwork in the width section, and type 2.75 inches.

type size of width

Step 3: Center the artwork

Go to the align panel, then go to the align object section and press the vertical and horizontal align buttons; this will make it easier to align the rectangle over the top later in the process.

center align
center align

Step 4: Create a rectangle

click rectangle tool

On the left side of the screen, select the rectangle tool.

  • Then click on an empty space on your artboard, and a dialog box will pop-up asking for your sticker dimensions.
  • For the Width, you will put 3 inches and 2 inches for the height.
  • Then press OKAY
make rectangle

How to make rounded corners for your sticker

rounded corners for rectangular sticker

Suppose you would like to curve your rectangle corners. Double-click on the little circle in the corner of your rectangle.

  • The Transformation panel will pop up; under Rectangle Properties, go to the corner type section
  • Type in 0.125; this is the standard corner radius. However, you may enter whatever you like. 
curve corners

Step 5: Center the Rectangle

align rectangle

Finally, it is time to line up the rectangle vertically and horizontally, so it lines up with your artwork. 

Select your rectangle, go to the color panel on the right side of the screen and turn the fill color off by clicking on the square with the red line through it.

Then on the stroke color, which is the square next to it, make sure to turn that color black.

make empty

Your custom rectangular sticker is ready to be printed!

rectangular sticker

To order your custom stickerclick here to get your quick order started! For more step-by-step information on making a rectangle sticker in Adobe Illustrator watch the video tutorial! Contact Sticker Mountain and make your artwork become a reality!

Play Video about rectangle die line adobe tutorial