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3 Easy Steps to Finding the Best Label Solution

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Sometimes, the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity is a simple presentation of the product or service in question. This is especially true today in our world of ever-changing options! What’s a business or nonprofit to do? Here at Sticker Mountain, we elevate your products, messaging, and logos with the very best label solution available to the general public.

How do we partner with you to do this?

Our label solution follows three very easy steps:

  1. Understanding the product dimensions and limitations
  2. Designing deliberately
  3. And using the correct application process.

Here’s how you can follow these same three steps to find the best solution for your needs!

Know your product dimensions

What kind of area will your label be one? What shape? Size? The very first thing that you absolutely need to know is your exact product dimensions. These numbers govern every other step of the label creation process.

It’s no exaggeration to say that misunderstood product dimensions are one of the most common and avoidable mistakes that companies make on a regular basis. The perfect logo, slogan, and color palette can all be thrown off by a space that is too large or too small.

Know your product dimensions!

Design logos and messaging according to the product dimensions

Once you know the space that you’ll be working in, it’s time to design your logo and messaging around it. For example, if you have about three inches by five inches of space on the top of a box, your design will be very different from a four by four inches square on a curved surface, such as a wine bottle.

It’s tempting to create one amazing design and slap it onto everything. In some cases, that may even work. However, it’s always, always best to design your labels specifically for the products they are intended for in the long term.

Use the correct application process

The last step is to use the correct application process for the sticker or label in question. While most people believe that this process is simply “peel it off and stick it on,” it’s much more nuanced than that.

For example, consider clear vinyl BOPP labels intended for customized bottled soda. Each label will need to be applied deliberately onto the container, then checked for air pockets before being smoothed down. Contrast this with simple envelope labels, where the process can be automated. It’s a very different kettle of fish!

Always remember: when in doubt, test it out.

When you are ready…

And that’s a wrap! If this all seems overwhelming and/or confusing, our team is here to help. You don’t have to go it alone–in fact, we’d prefer to partner with you.

From small, die-cut sticker runs to thousands of standardized labels, our team has seen and done it all. Our combined experience and our top-of-the-line equipment make Sticker Mountain the ideal partner for all shapes and sizes of businesses, non-profits, and startups.

Contact us today to get started on your journey to the best label solution for your product!