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How to Measure a Sticker or a Label

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In this blog, we will cover three topics on how to measure your label or sticker.

Measuring for labels

When measuring a label for your products, make sure your label is smaller than the packaging. Leave some room in the circumference of a package if you are labeling a cylinder-shaped package. An industry-standard trick is to use a piece of paper to represent the label and cut it out to the way you want it to look and then measure the piece of paper.  Again, leave enough room from edge to edge on your packages. This allows some room for error when wrapping it around the container. Another tip in sizing for the container is to keep the label further away from the top and the bottom so there is no potential for overlap. We have included this picture to help show you.

  1. How to measure a sticker
  2. How to measure a Label
  3. How to measure a tapered container

Choosing your label sticker sizes

Choosing sticker sizes can be a bit confusing, but don’t worry; it does not need to be exact.  All you have to do is estimate the size of your sticker.  Make sure you measure the tallest point to the widest point.  We will look at your artwork and send you an electronic proof of the exact size shown in your artwork. You will have the chance to approve or make changes if needed.  If you still have questions, our customer service reps are waiting to help. You can text, call, or email, whichever you prefer.

How to measure a label

When measuring labels for your packaging or containers, we like to use a common industry-standard trick.  Grab a piece of paper.  We will use this to represent the labels. Cut it out, and wrap it tightly around the container.  From there we have a few tips.

  1. Leave some space on the top and bottom so the labels sit on the most flush portion of the containers or packages. Many containers may bow out at the tops and bottoms.
  2. Shortening the label around the circumference of the container so that it does not overlap. That will help ensure that the label is straight on the container.
  3. Upload your artwork and let us take it from there. We will send you a proof for your approval or changes and then get your labels into production and out the door!

How to measure a tapered container

Measuring a container with a taper is a bit different than measuring a flush jar or continuer.  Many labels will need a curve so that they lay on the bottle straight.  See this container….It actually has changed in shape.  When designing this label, we have to print and cut it out in a curve as you can see in the artwork file.  Now once the curve is determined based on the container requirements the label can be printed accurately.  If you are unsure what type of curve you may need, you can send your bottle in and we can create a custom curve for your container’s label.