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Matte and Gloss Lamination Stickers and Labels

matte and gloss lamination
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Similarities and Differences Between Matte and Gloss Lamination

Before we dive into the differences between matte and gloss lamination types, we first must discuss what lamination even is. Lamination is the process that occurs in printing when clear plastic is bonded to the printed product to make it stronger, more durable, and even water and oil-proof. 

Typically, laminate is applied to both sides of a product such as a business card, in order to provide a layer of protection around the piece. When it comes to label and sticker printing, we “marry” the laminate on top of the printed design. This not only protects it from scratches, scuffs, etc. But it also helps the colors really POP! Especially when people are using your products, it’s important to choose the perfect finish to make it noticeable on a shelf.

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So, I Have a Great Design but Should I Choose Matte or Gloss Lamination?

Stick with us as we dive into the two different finishes we offer! Matte and gloss lamination look and feel different to the touch, with the key difference being the “shininess”. The key deciding factor in choosing a laminate is the type of product this is for, as well as where it’s going.

In fact, most people ask, “okay, so what is the difference in price?” Want to know the best part?! There is no price difference. Yes! It is the same price for both incredible laminations.

Let’s Discuss Gloss Lamination

Let’s start with our gloss lamination! This type of lamination has a high shine. This allows light to reflect off your label or sticker as any glossy surface would, such as a glass table. Keep in mind, this glossy look can have a high glare when light is shined directly at it.

The glossy finish is typically characterized by its high shine and bright surface. It is known as an engaging finish as it has a certain eye-catching look, making it an exciting design element for your custom stickers and labels. Due to the vibrant colors gloss offers, it makes for an attractive and professional finish. 

Another key feature of gloss lamination is that it handles UV rays slightly better than matte lamination. If you have noticed, most bumper stickers tend to have a glossy finish. This is because gloss lamination is weatherproof, and reflects sunlight better to minimize color fade. So, all and all you can’t go wrong with the gorgeous and lustrous shine from glossy lamination.

Now It’s Time To Discuss Matte Lamination

Our matte lamination has a satiny, light-diffusing effect that gives a luxurious soft glow when light hits the surface. This low glare makes it easy to read in all lighting conditions. Matte lamination is also characterized by its soft, satin appearance, making for a natural, smooth and soft surface, free of shine. It is especially popular amongst those looking for a more muted and subtle approach for their custom stickers and labels.

The less reflective surface of matte lamination is beneficial when the details of the design must be legible. This can’t be said for gloss which, due to its reflective nature, is difficult to read when light reflects off their surface. 

Matte lamination also fairs better in indoor conditions, such as on a shelf in a store where bright lights are directed at them consistently. Additionally, the result of the matte finish offers muted colors, meaning it is suitable for highly detailed photos and designs.

When Should I Use Matte vs Gloss?

You’ll want to use Gloss lamination when:

  • The packaging is handled frequently. Gloss provides an extra layer of protection against scuffs and smudges and can easily be wiped clean.
  • You want vibrant colors and don’t mind the glare.
  • Commonly used for business applications in marketing and promotional pieces, such as stickers.
  • If your product is frequently outdoors, such as bumper stickers.

You’ll want to use matte lamination when:

  • Your product will be placed under direct lighting. This helps to prevent a harsh glare while making the label legible from a distance.
  • You want your product to look professional and elegant, or natural and rustic.
  • You’re using muted or subtle colors.
  • If your product is indoors, such as a label on a jar.

 Choice of Lamination is Quite Literally in Your Hands

As you can see, both matte and gloss lamination have their pros and cons, and deciding between one or the other has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Do you want your customers to feel like they’re holding a piece of sophistication? Something elegant, classy, and luxurious? Or do you want them to feel like they’re holding something unabashedly bold, uncompromising, and vibrant? Many first impressions are made just by interacting with the packaging. What kind of impression do you want your label or sticker to make?

Still, have questions?

The Sticker Mountain team and customer service staff are standing by to help you make the jump to the perfect stickers and labels you deserve. Get in contact with us today and let’s start reaping the rewards together.