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How We Pack and Ship Your Stickers and Labels

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Think Outside the Box... Literally!

You have designed your perfect custom sticker or label, we have printed it, and now it’s time to pack and ship your stickers and labels! We put a lot of time and effort into your custom business stickers, so why drop the ball on the shipping? In addition to actually containing your products, we package all orders visually appealingly.

Like your custom business stickers, the way we package them is crucial. First, it protects your product while it is in transit. Second, it provides specific information for proper, timely delivery. But does the functionality of your package end there? Absolutely not. Start thinking outside the box- pun intended. 

We understand that you require durable shipping to withstand rain, snow, and more! However, we want to build connections with all of you and show our attention to detail! Please keep reading to learn more about our process!

Our Final Inspection Process

In our final inspection process, we double-check your custom labels after they have gone through the rewind process. In addition, we also mention the number of labels on a roll to make things easier down the line. So, if you tend to store your large orders of rolls, this simple step makes it easier for your production process.

pack and ship your stickers and labels

Let's Go Through the Packing Process!

For every package, we always apply reinforced boxing tape. Our tape is a high-quality water-activated tape resulting in the perfect seal! When packing your orders, we use recyclable boxes and poly bags! We’ve committed to responsible and sustainable business practices here at Sticker Mountain. And are dedicated to being mindful by understanding our impact. We must recognize that what we do every day affects the people and the world around us—and continually find ways to make that impact a more positive one for ourselves and all those we serve. 

Once we have the box bottom taped up, we line the inside of the box with a polybag. Next, we safely pack your sticker or labels to reduce the likelihood of shifting. We always ensure your custom labels for your business stay in excellent condition! We know that sometimes, boxes can get tossed and turned a little bit during the shipping process, so we want to make sure that they stay still as much as possible.

Our polybags filled with your stickers are or labels are then finished with a knot. This knotted bag seals your custom-made labels and protects against water and snow. After we tie up your labels, we add the packing paper that is also recyclable. We ensure your order doesn’t move around by adding this simple step. Afterward, we close up your box and add another layer of reinforced packing tape, which seals it to ensure maximum security. Next, we place a sample of your custom business label or sticker on the front of the box. Therefore, this lets you know what and how much of your product is inside each box. This simple step saves you time in the long run and means less work.

Time for shipping!

Our goal here at Sticker Mountain is to not only produce high-quality labels, but we also want to help out! Our go-to shipping carriers are FedEx and UPS. In addition, we offer ground shipping for free! We know that by offering free shipping and comping that charge, we can help you save money in the long run!

Are we able to overnight labels?

To us, it’s more than just color matching. To us, it’s creating an experience that you can’t get anywhere else. At Sticker Mountain, we go the extra mile to ensure you are getting the proper colors for your brand every time you order. Your time is precious, so we ensure consistency and efficiency so you can keep doing what you do best: running your business.

How do I come in and meet the Sticker Mountain family?

During checkout, mention that you are picking up your order, and from there, we can schedule a time for you to come in! We would love to meet you! We love hearing all of your stories, and in addition to that, it will give you an idea of how we make your orders. On top of this, let’s say you want your custom labels dropped off locally; in that instance, we offer couriers. So again, make a note that some fees may apply depending on the speed, size of orders, and quantity. Still, we will always make sure to accommodate for whatever you need!

pack and ship your stickers and labels

We Go the Extra Mile to Pack and Ship Your Stickers and Labels!

Here at Sticker Mountain, we want to make sure we go the extra mile by making things personal. Before we pack and ship your stickers and labels in the box, we add a signed thank you note of all of the yetis who helped create your order! In addition, we include Sticker Mountain swag, such as a pen, logo, and seasonal stickers of your pal Marty, to show how much we appreciate every one of you! We especially see this in our reviews. We always get excited to see how well we are serving our customers. And it’s something that means a lot to the Sticker Mountain family! Give us a shout to see how you can help move your business to the mountain tops!