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Sticker Mountain Features Henry’s Fork Foundation

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We Pay It Forward

As promised, we pay it forward to a foundation that does amazing things. A percent of all of our sales is donated to Henry’s Fork Foundation. Additionally, Henry’s Fork Foundation is the only not-for-profit organization whose sole purpose is to conserve, protect, and restore the Henry’s Fork watershed and its legendary wild trout. 

 No matter if you’re a hardcore outdoor enthusiast or enjoy the pictures at home. It’s no secret we’re fans of the outdoors and mountains, hence the name!  

The Reason for our Efforts

We all find peace and joy in the wilderness and the rivers that run through. While some never think beyond the beauty of the pictures, others are out there conserving and maintaining the beautiful spots, so we can all enjoy the beauty of the outdoorsAlthough many of us might think that the rivers are maintained on their own, they are not. 

The Henry’s Fork Foundation accomplishes much more than we might think. For example, they help successfully maintain and conserve the 126 miles of the Henry’s Fork. In addition, they take care of the fisheries’ health, habitat and biological research, stewardship and restoration projects. 

This foundation is so important to the health of the river.  As they put it “this foundation is the voice of the river”. Additionally, they’ve helped start the South Fork Initiative expanding their reach to other great watersheds in the area.   

After working with many people on sticker and label jobs, we have come across some of the most caring and motivated people. With significant issues such as drought, changing climate, and variable weather, we need people like this to develop innovative approaches to solving these issues. As a result, we’ve enjoyed our interactions with those who have purchased fly fishing stickers, and their passion for helping maintain the river was clear. Likewise, so many of these people have a passion for the environment and are willing to donate their time. They execute and go above and beyond to do what it takes to keep the ecosystem healthy.  

Learn More About Henry’s Fork Foundation

To everyone at Henry’s Fork Foundation, we want to thank you for trusting in us to get your message out! Thank you for all you do! If you would like more information about this foundation please go to their website and read about all they do! 

What does this foundation do? 

Check out this video to see what they are all about!