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The Art of Candle Label Design: Ideas for Eye-Catching Labels

A burning, squat candle with a blank label sitting on a tree platter and plants
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To no one’s surprise, candles remain a popular product. To stand out, your candles need labels that will make shoppers do a double-take! Let’s explore how to design a candle label you and your customers will love.

Before adding any bells and whistles, determine the candle label size and shape you need. Do they fit on the lid of a round tin or wrap around the body of a normal candle?

There are two ways to find your perfect candle label size. One, you can find candle label templates online and print them. After cutting them out, place them on your candle as you would a label and see if the size and shape are suitable. Another way is to create your candle label design. Draw labels on a piece of paper, cut them out, and dress your candle. Once you find the one you like, take its measurements for future ordering and printing purposes.

Great Candle Label Design Ideas for You to Try

Thanks to the timelessness of candles, you can never go wrong with a classic candle label design. The possibilities are endless, but a classy, minimalist design is often the most attractive. Draw inspiration from historical designs, as old-timey and retro designs are making a huge comeback.

People who love candles often like to shop for a particular purpose. They might buy something for their home altar, the bathroom, or to enhance the romantic ambiance of date night. You can use such purposes and incorporate them into your candle label ideas. For example, add sleepy or peaceful figures if your candles help customers relax. If you sell scented candles, add drawings of cinnamon or lavender to the label.

Here are a few other tips as you generate candle label design ideas:

Avoid Using Photos: Some photos are amazing, but as a label, they don’t gel with candle customers anymore. Unfortunately, candles with photos can come across as less professional than those using graphics and drawings, no matter the quality of your product.

Use Emotional Colors: An often overlooked — yet crucial — element of candle label design is your color palette. Neutral colors like white, black, and grey are perfect for a classic design. Vivid colors are attractive to people shopping for upbeat or romantic candles. Soft pastels can draw the attention of customers looking to purchase candles for relaxation or a peaceful ambiance.

Add Your Magic Ingredient: Don’t forget to add something that reflects your personality or passions! That custom spark will help your candle label design and brand stand out in a sea of other options. Customers love such a touch because it makes the product more personal and relatable. Order your custom candle labels from Sticker Mountain today and let customers smell what makes your brand so good.

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