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Ultimate Guide to Creating a Better Bottle Label

Various beer bottles and labels lined up down a counter
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You only have a few square inches to work with on beer bottle labels, so it’s critical that you know what beer label size you’ll use for your masterpiece. 

Since many customers make purchasing decisions based on what they see, and beer is packaged in a can or bottle, having an eye-catching beer label design is essential to moving your products off the shelf. 

As new trends develop daily, here’s our guide on creating the most innovative beer label possible. 

What Size Should You Choose for Your Beer Bottle Label? 

A beer bottle and beer can showcasing their custom beer label designs and sizes

It might be challenging to determine what size label or beer label dimensions to use on a particular bottle or can because there are many different sizes of bottles, cans, and label alternatives.

Your beer label size may be greatly influenced by the size of your bottle or can.

Due to their widespread use, long-neck bottles are sometimes known as Industry Standard Bottles (ISBs). Heritage bottles have shorter necks and a modest increase in size. Stubby bottles have nearly no neck and are much wider. Despite their different shapes, all three bottle types have ample room for a 3 3/4 x 8 1/8 inch label.

Belgian bottles and bombers, or large format bottles, have enough space for a 5 x 8-inch label.

“Mini growlers,” otherwise known as “grumblers,” “howlers,” and “growlettes,” have room for a label that is 4 x 6 inches. Your beer label dimensions can be 4 x 7 inches for a full-size growler.

If you’re working with a custom-shaped container, consider the beer can design and try out custom labels.

How Can You Design Your Beer Bottle Labels?

A beer can and beer bottle demonstrating their beer label designs

As store shelves become stocked with craft beers, standing out is a key concern for every brewery. But you can’t just add bright colors and a bold typeface. You must carefully determine how you will present your beer can design as an extension of your brand.

The color scheme is the best place to begin with any beer label design. If you want to package your beer in bottles, you will have the additional challenge of matching the color of your label to the color of your bottles. So, pick colors that complement each other to appeal to your target customers.

Aside from having excellent style, using a legible font is critical. The size of your beer label directly impacts the size of your font. Ensure enough white space and contrast between the lettering and the backdrop color to read the font easily.

Your beer labels don’t have to include images or other visual elements. Let your colors and language do the talking if your product and brand aesthetic are simple and conventional.

But if you decide to add personalized artwork to your beer label design, start to consider it fine art. This attracts attention and appeals to the buyer’s style and personality.

Express your creativity with custom beer labels from Sticker Mountain. No matter what your beer can design, we’re here to help you design the beer label you want.

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