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What Are Foil Labels?

foil labels
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Foil-stamped labels are nothing new to the custom label industry. Adding a foil to your custom label is a spectacular way to enhance the quality and appearance of your brand. Foils are a simple yet refined way to become more high-end, luxurious, and bold for your label design. One of the best ways to ensure attraction is to make your labels shimmer with foils in various colors and make your brand pop harder than 90s music! There are many different avenues you can take to ensure you always stay one step ahead of your competitors. Today, we’ll go through the topic of foils and how we apply them to using a cold foiling technique.

What is Cold-Foiling?

First and foremost, it is a good idea to know what foils are and how we apply your label.  Foils are very thin sheets of metal that are applied to other paper materials to create brilliance and shine to it. There are two different types of foil application methods, cold-foiling versus hot-foiling. Our digital embellishing machine uses the cold-foiling technique. Cold foiling on custom labels has two main distinctions: Material and Application


Cold Foiling

Before we even get to foiling, you must choose a material and lamination for your design to be printed on. Cold foil works best with our smooth substrates we offer here. However, if you need something more textured, visit our contact page to inquire about special pricing. Then choose your lamination type including our new Soft-Touch Matte Lamination for a sophisticated, velvety look and feel to your custom labels.

Hot Foiling
Sticker Mountain Custom Label Foil Printing at affordable prices and free shipping.

With Hot Foiling, you can do just about any material, but works well with textured, thicker papers. And you can use different laminations with it as well.


Cold Foiling
adhesive uv station of the abg digital embellishment printing machine

When it comes to cold foiling, we apply a UV-curable adhesive to the label. This adhesive makes the indicated parts of your design sticky.

cold foiling gold

Next, we pair the label with the foil of your choice. The waste gets taken into a separate roll, and you now have beautiful foil on your label! However, we’re still going. 

cold foil uv cure

To secure the foil, it goes through ultraviolet light. The light hardens that tacky adhesive, making it cured and permanent.

Hot Foiling

Foiling this way can quickly become expensive and time-consuming for various reasons. When it comes to hot-foiling, it gets more complicated. You must purchase a die for which areas on your design you want to foil. 

To apply the foil to the label, your custom die is attached to a stamp. It’s heated up, then using a bit of pressure, it presses the foil onto your label, securing it with the heat that melts the glue-ed foil onto your label design.

Another thing to keep in mind for hot foiling is you have a limit to how small and thin you can go without risking the foil blending into each other.


This is the fun part. Getting to see the finished product feels like a kid in a candy store! Cold foils lay flat on your custom label, giving off a new cutting-edge look full of shine and fashion. Get clean edges that won’t scratch or fade with time. They’re perfect for any industry looking to separate themselves from the competition. Most notably, the wine and spirits industry, but even cosmeticsCBDfoodbeverage and more can all benefit from the look and feel of custom cold foiled labels.

Add Foils To Your Design Toolbox

foil options

Our digital embellishing machine offers a variety of foiling colors for your custom-label orders. We provide classic colors like gold, silver, copper, and holographic foils. In the future, we can order custom foiling colors that meet your every need. From holiday colors to patterned holographic films, your design world is due for an upgrade. 

Bring your custom label order together by adding rich designs with luxurious gold foiling with a black backdrop making your brand stand out to the consumer. You can pick any area on your custom design or even multiple places where you want the glistening foil added. Again, your design world is highly customizable with the classic colors we stock paired with your brilliant vision. 

How Are Foils Changing the Industry

It isn’t just the foiling that is changing the industry; the quality of the foil application is changing the industry. Suppose you want an alluring yet durable custom label, then it’s necessary to keep up with the materials needed to produce quality products. At Sticker Mountain, we are doing just that! 

digital embellishing machine

We will provide the latest in the industry with the newest and improved machinery and technology. Being one of four companies in the US that has this embellishing machine, you will be part of a new industry standard by ordering with us. Other companies and competitors will follow your lead because your brand will have the latest and most advanced custom label. 

Another additional feature changing the industry is that we are saving on materials, which allows us to be more economical. Foil features with the digital embellishing machine save money and time for our clients by eliminating all the in-between tools and the high cost of production time. 

The type of foiling we bring to the industry will make your brand appear more luxurious, bold, and eye-catching. We are directly giving you a high-end product to get your custom labels to a new level. New level features include:


When you think luxury, you think gold. Create a premium-looking product label without the premium cost.


Silver foil creates a cool and classy look. Upgrade the look of your design for a platinum and elegant product label.


With its industrial look, copper foil is perfect for your premium spirit or distillery label while creating a warm and welcoming tone.


Take your labels to the next level with holographic foils. With its iridescent shine, this foil creates a futuristic and bold appearance.

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Now that you know more about cold foiling, you can start your orders today! For further questions, refer to our FAQ page or our YouTube Channel for more informational videos. 

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