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What is Raised Spot UV?

raised spot uv
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At Sticker Mountain, we are dedicated to education and staying one step ahead of the industry. The least we can do is pass our knowledge over to you! In today’s blog, you will learn what Raised Spot UV is and why it’s a great way to boost your custom labels.

What is Raised Spot UV?

olive oil soft touch raised spot uv

Raised Spot UV is a printing technique of adding special effects to labels using a glossy coating on printed labels. Spot UV is sometimes referred to as spot gloss or spot varnish. Spot UV printing is a clear, UV gloss coating that can be printed on specific areas of your design that highlights important things like; text, logos, or anywhere you want to pop on your label. The spot UV process makes your custom label stand out over your competitors. The subtle artistic effects will make a long-lasting impression

How is Raised Spot UV Used?

Raised Spot UV creates artistic effects for your custom label by creating contrast in the glossiness. Through the differences in shininess, it gives your art dimension and a 3D effect. Spot UV is versatile based on your artistic taste; there are options such as:

3D Raised Surface and Text
Spot UV can create a raised surface on your label, giving it a 3D look on any part of your design you choose, including text.
Raised Background Textures
Spot UV can create raised textures for an added tactile finish.
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With the Spot UV creating the 3D look and adding texture, it will be 100x more attractive to the human eye! Textures should be considered when designing custom labels.

For example, if we make a custom label with the mountains and snow in the background, we can make the mountain tops and the snowfall look like they were popping out on the label. Pair that with a raised logo, and you’ve got yourself and unforgettable brand!

We would use our spot UV and foil printing on the spots you want to shimmer and shine! For something like this, we use specific kinds of paper that come in different varieties, listed as the following:


When you think luxury, you think gold. Create a premium-looking product label without the premium cost.


Silver foil creates a cool and classy look. Upgrade the look of your design for a platinum and elegant product label.


With its industrial look, copper foil is perfect for your premium spirit or distillery label while creating a warm and welcoming tone.


Take your labels to the next level with holographic foils. With its iridescent shine, this foil creates a futuristic and bold appearance.

What are the Benefits of Raised Spot UV?

When something like this has so many great things, we usually say, “This is too good to be true,” and we wait for the shoe to drop! Well, we are here to tell you this is good, and yes, it’s true! There are many benefits to adding spot UV to your custom labels:  

Is Raised Spot UV Right For You?

All Industries are candidates for Raised Spot UV. However, some might benefit from it more than others. Every custom label has the potential to reach the next level. We will take you there with Sticker Mountains’ new technology and equipment, making it faster, and more affordable to reach new customers. Some products may particularly benefit more than others:

As mentioned above, Raised Spot UV is something all industries can use to upgrade their label. Use this opportunity to change your custom labels and create something fresh and innovative. Your customers will love the effort you are putting in and the new and improved creative experience they will have with your brand.

Play Video about all about spot uv labels

Now that you know more about Raised Spot UV, you can start your orders today! For further questions, refer to our FAQ page or our YouTube Channel for more informational videos. 

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