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3 Benefits of Soft Touch Laminate For Labels

soft touch matte lamination raised spot uv metallic bopp custom circle labels
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Welcome back to our blog! At Sticker Mountain, it’s important to us as a company to provide our customers with the newest state-of-the-art machines and the newest custom label and sticker trends. You can always count on us to stay up to date and provide you with the best information! Today we will introduce 3 benefits of soft-touch matte lamination and how it can help your business.

soft touch laminate roll custom embellishments premium

What is Soft Touch Laminate?

Soft touch lamination is more common than one would think. It is a fantastic tool to add sophistication and uniqueness to almost any product and industry. It has a smooth, luxurious velvety touch to it. For example, when you open a jewelry box, the glistening diamond ring often sits on a lustful black velvet square. Or when your brand-new Apple box arrives, you can’t wait to open it for the first time to feel a softness inside the box protecting your electronics. Soft-touch matte lamination is a great way to show your customers that you provide premium products by investing in premium labels.  We will discuss the three benefits of soft-touch laminate, but first, what’s the process of producing it?

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What is the Process of Applying Soft Touch Laminate?

abg digital embellishing machine printer foils cold foiling spot uv Raised spot uv cast and cure holo holographic gold copper silver foils soft touch matte laminate

Your custom labels are produced on our newest addition to Sticker Mountain, the digital embellishing machine. 

digital embellishing machine abg corona treatment station metallic bopp raised spot uv soft touch custom labels

First, your roll of printed labels will go through the webbing system to reach the corona and plasma station. It activates the label to ensure it is ready for the adhesive to be applied.

adhesive uv station of the abg digital embellishment printing machine

Second, the UV adhesive is applied to the label. In this process, the liquid spreads across the entire label. 

abg digital embellishments sample pack metallic bopp soft touch matte laminate application process raised spot uv custom embellishments

Bringing us to the third step; once the label has a flooded coat with the liquid UV adhesive, the label goes through the soft touch matte lamination, which is married together with the printed label material.

Last, your custom label runs through the UV light, where it is cured and will last a long time.  

Top 3 Benefits of Soft Touch Laminate

johnny slicks soft touch matte lamination metallic circle labels

Now let’s go into our 3 main benefits of using Soft Touch Matte Lamination for your premium products and luxury brand!

metallic bopp soft touch raised spot uv atost apertif labels

Benefit 1: Protection

Soft touch lamination, like any of our other laminations, protects your product from scratches, moisture, smudging, and fading. The lamination protects the ink, causing minimal wear and tear. Peeling is another thing you do not need to worry about; our high-quality printer produces high-quality labels, paired with premium and durable papers. An example would be soft touch laminate for custom wine bottle labels. You can submerge your sophisticated wine and its luxurious high-class label into a bucket of ice without worrying about the label scratching, peeling off, or fadingSoft touch matte lamination provides your custom labels with the utmost protection.

Benefit 2: Elegance

Soft touch lamination reinforces your brand with elegance. The premium look and feel shows you care about your product’s value. Soft touch lamination brings your product to a premium level by boosting perceived value with the extra embellishment on your custom label. For example, take a black, soft touch candle label. It creates a truly luxurious feeling paired with a high-quality and sensual smelling candle. Elegance will also attract new customers who want a higher-class product. When customers see your product, they know you put the time and effort into designing a trustworthy and elegant brand. 

Sticker Mountain raised spot uv soft touch matte lamination clear bopp custom rectangle candle labels, forest room. Elevate your brand with our custom clear labels, water- and oil-resistant, and tamper-resistant with value prices, 2-day turnaround, & free shipping.
soft touch matte labels white bopp metallic bopp cast and cure holographic labels

Benefit Three: Versatility

Lastly, soft-touch lamination is a highly versatile product. It provides elegance and luxury; and appear modern and sleek. The soft-touch finish can make your product look simple and wholesome. Let’s take custom organic cosmetic labels, for example; using soft touch matte lamination on your design can represent a calm, harmonious feel, attracting buyers to the tranquil feeling of your brand. Again, the versatility of soft-touch lamination is out of this world. Break out of your box and give your customers a new experience! 

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Above all, it’s important to us at Sticker Mountain that our customers are happy with every order. Now that you know the three benefits of soft touch matte lamination, you can even branch out and dabble into our other embellishment options. We have Raised Spot UV and different colored Foils. If you are interested in other products, visit our YouTube Channel for more helpful videos, our blog page, or send us your questions here

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