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5 Ways Stickers Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

boost your marketing strategy
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How Stickers Can Help Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Companies worldwide are constantly striving to improve their marketing strategy, but can they find a strategy that makes them stand out? Don’t have another run-of-the-mill marketing approach; let your strategy be BOLD! Let custom stickers help your marketing strategy “stick” out. 

Sticker Mountain can help give you a unique and creative way to elevate your business marketing strategy. Custom stickers will give your company a fresh and original voice to your marketing approach! Let your strategy be heard from the rooftops! Here are five ways customized stickers can elevate your marketing strategy.

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Increases Customer Loyalty

Custom stickers are a great way to make your customers feel appreciated, and if your customers feel appreciated, they will remain loyal. For example, who doesn’t love a discount? Create a custom sticker to ensure customers receive a discount if they return for repeat business. Whether it’s 5% or 20%, people love getting deals and will return for more. Another custom sticker that can boost your marketing strategy is making your own Scan QR code. The QR code will take your customer directly to your review page to leave a review or take a new customer to the review page for viewing. All this without going through the internet hassle! What can be better than getting discounts and cool custom stickers if you leave a review!


Putting your brand or logo sticker on your packaging can help advertise your company. This way, you keep it visual and subtle to onlookers whether it’s at the store or shipping to the client. Your brand or logo will be seen all day long. For example, look at Amazon, everyone knows what their brand and logo is! Why? Because it is on every box delivered, we knew when an Amazon package arrived before Amazon even had cars. Let this be your company. Make your customer excited to open your package with your branded logo on the box. You can put your custom sticker on the box and put them in the box, so it is the first thing your customer sees when they open it. 

Packaging can help spread the word in a positive and fun way. A good marketing strategy would be to customize a thank you sticker with your branded logo and give them plenty! Encourage your customer to stick them everywhere they can. The more places your custom stickers are seen, the more credibility they will build. The more exposure you have for your business, the more someone new will be willing to try you out. 

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It's Low-Cost Advertising

Yes, you read that right! Custom stickers are a great low-cost marketing strategy for your business. Make your custom sticker related to your business or products. This will allow for many ways your employees can advertise and have fun simultaneously. Let’s take a gander at a few examples:

Allows you to make a more personal connection with customers. 

If you are a fishing guide, an excellent way for low-cost advertising would be to customize a popular rainbow trout fish sticker and hand them to clients. Allow the eye-popping silver blues and hints of purple to captivate your client. Make sure to give them plenty and encourage them to hand them out!

This tactic automatically makes the client think about where they want to put your sticker. 60% per car owners put a bumper sticker on their vehicles, so if your client can put this on their car, your brand and logo will be going new places! 

Custom stickers are also a potential conversation starter. While waiting in line for coffee, give a stranger a custom sticker of a beautiful vibrant yellow and orange sunflower encouraging them to visit your local flower shop! Place your stickers on a water bottle or a laptop. This may strike up a conversation talking about things you have in common. 

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Profitable Product

Spread and promote a fun message related to your brand. A fun idea is to sell a sticker of the month club and encourage your client to spread your message. If your company is giving to a foundation, create a custom sticker, branding your company and the foundation you support. You now have clients buying products from you and marketing for you! By allowing Sticker Mountain to help you make an eye-catching custom sticker, your marketing strategy can reach new levels, and it may even travel to new states! Never underestimate the power of a sticker; big or small, it gets the job done!

Hard to turn away a free gift

Adding a free custom sticker as a gift with your customer’s purchase is a significant part of marketing your business! It makes your customer feel appreciated, and also excited! Who doesn’t love free gifts? Even if it gets in the hands of their children, great! Maybe they will put it on the backpack or water bottle going to school. Or maybe your customer will give it to their significant other, and they will put it on their laptop, taking your custom business sticker on their next business trip! Who knows, it could be international! Sticker Mountain will take your marketing strategy to the next level by helping you create custom stickers that brand you!

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Random Fact of the Day:

Did you know consumers retain 58% of what they see and only 10% of what they read?  

Let Sticker Mountain start your order today!

Watch our video below to learn even more about boosting your marketing strategy with stickers!