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Customer Success Story: Electric Poke

electric poke hawaiian food bowl custom white bopp gloss labels
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Sticker Mountain is a company that not only creates top-of-the-line custom labels but we are a company that builds quality relationships with all our customers. Every company has a unique backstory that has added to its success. Gratefully Sicker Mountain gets to be a part of that success by creating custom labels for great products. Today’s blog will introduce Electric Poke, who they are, and why they love Sticker Mountain!

maddie mcgees mountain munchies dog treats pet treat fresh fish dogs custom food white bopp labels
electric poke hawaiian food bowl custom white bopp gloss labels

Electric Poke is a small food truck business in Montana that is full of tasty Hawaiian Style dishes. The owner and operator, Chris McGee, also owns Maddie McGee’s Mountain Munchies. It’s a zero-waste, sustainable pet treat company. They use the fish scraps from the Poke place and incorporate “human quality ingredients” into their pet treats. They also utilize local ranchers around Montana to source organ meats. From one healthy organ to another! 

How It All Started

After being in nursing for many years, Chris decided to go a different route in life. He knew his long-term goal and vision was to own his own business and, in this case, not one, but two! When Chris decided to jump from one career to another, he didn’t know the road would be as challenging as it was, but it has been full of invaluable experiences along the way.

electric poke truck with hawaiian food local small business hawaiian drinks canned
electric poke montana truck sustainable local business hawaiian food

Why Hawaiian Food?

electric poke bowls hawaiian food

Hawaiian food is scarce in Montana, and Chris wanted to bring deliciousness to his community. He felt like he was missing something, which was Hawaiian food. Loving the food at Ohana Kitchen, he knew he could make something just as good in Bozeman. At Electric Poke, fresh fish is flown in two to three times a week to provide customers with fresh, high-quality Hawaiian food. Fresh fish can make or break a high-quality tasting poke bowl. Clearly, his customers love it!

Why Did Electric Poke Choose Sticker Mountain?

Chris heard about Sticker Mountain from his tattoo artist, who is a longtime Sticker Mountain customer, Drew Wilson, who is a tattoo artist out of Arkansas. Another local Montana company was using a competitor, so Chris decided to trial both until he saw our prices were more competitive. 

electric poke custom white bopp gloss label maddie mcgees mountain munchies food labels
electric poke custom white bopp gloss sticker

The most crucial reason why Chris chose Sticker Mountain was that our custom sticker quality beats everyone out there. As mentioned earlier, Sticker Mountain takes great pride in building relationships with our customers, and we do what it takes to have quality stickers. Within this time, Chris has partnered with Sticker Mountain and continues to create strong relationships. A perk of a great partnership includes discount codes and bulk discounts. 

One person that particularly stands out to Chris so far is Marcus McConnell. Marcus has outstanding customer relationships with many Sticker Mountain Customers. Electric Poke loves Sticker Mountains’ fantastic customer service and exceptional custom sticker quality. 

What Does Electric Poke Love Most About Their Partnership with Sticker Mountain

Chris loves how prompt Sticker Mountain is. Electric Poke or Mountain Munchies could be running extremely low on custom stickers, so Chris will put in an order and can count on receiving it a few days later. Customer service means a lot to all companies; Electric Poke is one of many that is very satisfied with the speediness of art proofs and turnaround time on delivery. Chris’s two favorite things about Sticker Mountain are:

  1. Turnaround time– from the start of the order, it is only a couple of business days until they receive their stickers.
  2. Our volume discounts– The price changes depending on how many custom stickers you buy. The more you buy, the less the price! Plus the more items you order, a multi-product discount is automatically applied. It comes in handy for bulk buyers.

What Problems Did Sticker Mountain Solve?

Sticker Mountain helped solve Electric Poke’s color-matching issues. With previous label companies, Electric Poke had unresolved problems with color matching their sticker logos. With our digital printers and accurate color matching technology, we are able to deliver consistent color throughout his labels every time. Finally, Sticker Mountain worked closely with Chris to ensure Electric Poke stickers were perfect! 

The second issue Sticker Mountain solved for Electric Poke was finding the right product. For example, after conversing with Marcus, Chris determined whether he needed a sticker or a label and what materials best suited Electric Poke and Mountain Munchies packaging and promotional needs. 

electric poke maddie mcgees mountain munchies white bopp gloss custom labels color matching labels on rolls

What's the Future of Electric Poke?

Chris plans to keep running a successful and delicious place to eat at Electric Poke for all his neighboring friends in Montana. As far as his pet treats of McGee’s Mountain Munchies go, Chris will keep growing that business and hopes that will eventually be interested in purchasing the company!

Thanks for Choosing Us!

Sticker Mountain thanks Chris McGee at Electric Poke for being a loyal customer. 

Give us a try with a free sample pack, and you will realize we have excellent prices with top-of-the-line custom stickers and labels. For more information about us, visit our FAQ page or blog. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel! You can check out his video here!

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Random Fact of the Day

Did you know that “poke began when fisherman would season the cut-offs from their catch and eat it as snack. That is also where poke gets its name, as poke is a Hawaiian word that means “to slice, or cut crosswise into pieces”.