Electric Poke is a small company, based in Bozeman Montana that provides fresh, Hawaiian-style lunches from a delightful food truck. Not only that, but they support local businesses in Bozeman by selling products from small businesses from their truck. They’re a wonderful group of people that deliver top-notch service and we have the pleasure of introducing them to you.

Problems We Solve

Chris wanted to take his business to the next level, and that included branding! With a strong brand in hand, they came to us for custom stickers and labels.

His stickers proved to be a great way to spread the word through sticker slaps. Additionally, he needed food labels to be applied to his containers so wherever his customers are enjoying his food, others can easily ask about it! Loving the quality of the labels themselves, as well as the accuracy in color, Chris knew he found the right printer to do the job!

Another reason why Electric Poke chose Sticker Mountain? “they are extremely affordable and super fast to get them to you.” What have we provided for them specifically? Durable, white bopp stickers, perfect for handing out to his fans to sticker slap them! Additionally, we print white bopp product labels, perfect for applying to their bags of healthy pet treats! Though he lives a few states north, he doesn’t have to compromise affordability, speed or quality with us.

Check out this awesome food truck here!