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What is Soft-Touch Lamination?

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Laminations are much more than your typical label finish. Soft touch laminate is highly unique and isn’t just available anywhere! Good thing at Sticker Mountain, we invest in originality! We’re dedicated to education and staying one step ahead of the industry. Today’s blog will teach you about soft-touch matte lamination and why it’s a fantastic way to boost your custom product labels.

What is Soft-Touch Matte Lamination?

soft touch matte laminate labels

Soft-Touch Matte Lamination is a thin film made out of Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene or BOPP for short. What makes this particular laminate so unique compared to regular Matte Lamination is the inviting, luxuriously smooth surface. It gives your label a velvety texture, instantly boosting the first impression of your product to a high-end premium experience. 

The application for this adhesive is a little bit different than our other two options. First the label is “flood-coated” with this special liquid adhesive. It goes through this pool, being completely covered in the this “glue”. 

Next the soft-touch laminate is pressed on to the sticky side of the label. These are “married” together and cured through a UV light. This ensures the lamination isn’t coming off.

By using this method, rather than heat-activated lamination, we provide a quicker turnaround time for your premium labels.

Benefits of Soft-Touch Matte Lamination

there are many benefits to purchasing a unique lamination like this. For example:

millers blend-spot-uv-soft-touch olive oil food label company rectangle white bopp labels

This unique laminate will give your custom label a marvelous feel to an already beautiful-looking product.

Your custom labels will look 10x more professional with unique features and bring a softer texture. In addition to all the benefits above, soft touch matte lamination helps the spot UV stand out even more and helps the UV stick to the label better! It’s a perfect match, combining a velvet touch with a shiny, bold finish on the key areas.

Put Your Feelers Out There!

Today is the day to be bold and show your consumers how world-class your product is by creating a custom sensuous label. Make a change if you haven’t done so in a while! If soft-touch lamination isn’t for you, then that’s okay! We still have our gloss lamination that provides the ultimate color enhancement and shine to your design. In addition, we have our matte lamination, which absorbs the light making a softer, dull look. It reduces glare and allows your label to look modern and fresh!

Now that you know the new special soft touch matte lamination, it is time to begin your order! For further questions, refer to our FAQ page or our YouTube Channel for informational videos.
We will make your spectacular ideas come to life through your custom label.

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