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What to Know About Custom Supplement Labels

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Does your supplement business need a branding boost? If so, then Sticker Mountain can help you achieve the best supplement labels in the industry. The supplement industry is enormous and is expanding more and more every day. Certainly, now is the time to strike. Make your supplement labels stand out from the rest!

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As a buyer, supplements can be complex. Looking at the supplement shelf is overwhelming and intimidating. As a seller, it’s essential to make your label eye-popping and effortless to read, therefore, the buyer can connect quickly to your brand. It is crucial to make your supplement label direct and to the point. For instance supplements range from health and wellness vitamins to dietary and bodybuilding supplements. Your label defines your brand. For example, your custom vitamin labels can bring peace and calm while taking it. Or your dietary supplement labels can bring confidence and motivation to its consumers.

Similarly, when designing your custom artwork, your business can get as creative as you want. Your customized supplement labels will be printed on Sticker Mountain’s digital printer. Moreover, supplement label printing is not new to Sticker Mountain. We provide your business with all you need to know. For example, label compliance is one of the most critical aspects of selling your supplement. Label compliance ensures that your product meets all government requirements and industry standards. You can read more about label compliance on the Sticker Mountains Blog page.

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Regarding the product ingredient information, label compliance ensures your consumers that the ingredients are legit and safe. Details are essential to consumers. 

At Sticker Mountain, we provide your company with the best supplement labels by transforming your vision into a custom label. More importantly, your label should represent your passion for your product. We help create an experience people won’t forget. 

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It is time to spread the health! Make today the start of something new! In addition, you can update your vitamin or supplement labels to make your product pop! With Sticker Mountain’s state-of-the-art supplement label printing process, your labels will be nothing but exceptional and delivered on time. If you are unsure where to begin designing or redesigning your custom label, please refer to our FAQ page or our YouTube channel for informational videos.

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Everyday Holistic is a unique supplement company based in Pennsylvania. Everyday Holistic is a health and wellness supplement company that educates people about the world of supplements and alternative medicines. Amanuel (Manny) Abraham started Everyday Holistic because he was concerned about his father’s health and wanted to help. His concern struck a cord, so Manny began researching and learning alternative ways so his loved ones can be healthy, remain healthy, and spread the word to others. 

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Who doesn’t love gummies? Especially ones that are full of nutrients and natural herbs! Manny has worked with the best in the supplement industry and created a delicious product called Friday Night Gummies. Yes, they are as cool as they sound! This gummy contains natural and organic ingredients such as turmeric and ginger. Together they will help you detoxify your crazy Friday night right out of your body! 

After time and time of research, Manny decided to write a book titled, Top 5 Supplements of the Elite. The book is about different supplements that can help re-energize a person, not only for the body but also for the mind. 

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Why did Everyday Holistic choose Sticker Mountain?

Sticker Mountain delivered on Everyday Holistic’s goals and visions from the beginning of our partnership. Manny also said he liked the “amazing quality and affordability.” Sticker Mountain delivers the best custom supplement labels for your company. Due to the FDA or USDA’s ever-changing regulations, we provide you with fast artwork editing, proofing, and delivery. Turnaround time is one of Sticker Mountain’s best qualities. Thank you, Everyday Holistic, for choosing Sticker Mountain. Watch the video below to see how these supplement labels were made!

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Random Fact of the Day

Did you know 81% of adults age 35-54 take dietary supplements? Of that, 83% are adults with children under age 18.