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Custom Coffee Labels

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Drinking morning coffee is the best part of a person’s morning routine. Waking up to the luscious smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning is a feeling no one can describe. Even better is taking the first sip of morning coffee out of your favorite mug. Even if you’re not into brewing your coffee, stopping at a local coffee house is still necessary for most. 

How do customers know which coffee they like best? The custom label on the coffee packaging is how customers choose which taste they want more. Whether it’s a creamy light roast or a smoky dark roast, customized coffee labels give your company the ability to attract and satisfy. Be bold with your branded coffee and brew over these easy tips from Sticker Mountain.

Be Creative with Your Coffee Branding

custom coffee labels

The branding you design for your custom coffee label is essential to telling your story. Branding shows your consumer why they should buy your product. With the right blend of colors and custom design, buyers will take one look at your product and thirst for just one taste! Creativity can go a long way; a catchy label will make your creation have no bounds. This can include unique cutlines, materials, and colors.

For example, below is a list of four places your coffee brand label will look fantastic:

  • Jars
  • Bags
  • Packaging for shipped orders
  • Drinkware

Creative Bag Coffee Labels

Yes, indeed, you can have custom labels for coffee jars printed! If your business sells coffee beans in jars, put your branding or logo on a jar, that way, they can’t forget who you are. 

Coffee bags are the most popular way to buy coffee, and this is an excellent opportunity for your company to create coffee bag labels. 

Your label can tell the consumer if they are buying whole coffee beans or ground coffee

Create a smooth, soft blend of light vanilla colors inspire your consumer to buy a light roast blend. 

For a medium roast, create a mixture of golden browns and creamy whites, leaving the consumer with a thirsty desire.

When brewed, dark-roast coffees are very dark in color, so creating a label infused with espresso colors, dark flavorful browns, and even some black colors will leave your consumer eager for the caffeine buzz!

Either way, your labels will sell if you make them desirable. 

Create Custom Packaging

bees knees labels shipping

Packaging is a subtle necessity for company advertising. As mentioned above, placing your labels on jars and bags is a no-brainer. However, when shipping orders to clients, such as if you have a monthly subscription box with unique flavors inside, it is also vital to continue your branding on the shipping box. When you ship an order to a client, your box will travel through many hands. When your shipment arrives at its destination, it looks professional, as well as personal, and your customers will appreciate that.

rubicon coffee stickers

Coffee labels can be put on drinkware, for example, coffee mug labels. We all have that one favorite coffee mug we love to drink out of, whether it’s a cute mug at home, a thermos for early mountain hikes, a YETI, or any other style mug. Let’s brew your brand to the next level and give your customers fun coffee labels they can put on their favorite mug. 

Custom Coffee Stickers

Let’s not forget the fun we can have with coffee stickers. Stickers are a good way for coffee shop owners to get their names out there. Stickers allow customers to stick to your brand wherever they go. Coffee stickers can go on mugs and all kinds of drinkware. As mentioned above, your customer can stick their new sticker anywhere they can, like a cooler, a car, a laptop, mugs, or water bottles. The places are endless! Your coffee sticker can spread the word by attracting people with your design and logo. 

What's brewing at Sticker Mountain?

Below are a few Sticker Mountain Customers. They are great coffee companies with tremendous stories. Take a look!

Bees Knees Coffee

A great example of a Sticker Mountain customer who has been creative with their coffee labels is Bees Knees Coffee. They are a mobile coffee shop and coffee delivery service in Pennsylvania. Bees Knees cans your favorite caffeinated, and non-caffeinated drinks customized to your liking and deliver it right to you. They even provide cold cans. Bees Knees coffee has beautiful and creative coffee labels. 

Drag Up Coffee

DragUp Coffee orders coffee stickers from Sticker Mountain. They are a “Texas-made oilfield-produced company” by hard-working blue-collar men who want to give people tasty coffee. DragUp Coffee has eye-catching stickers made for its strong yet yummy coffee products. Please go check them out!  

Five-O Coffee Company

five 0 coffee the rookie box

A former police officer and SWAT operator started Five-0 Coffee Company. They provide a premium coffee right to your doorstep while supporting law enforcement. Five-0 Coffee does a great job of branding all their different coffee types. They have created unique names for all kinds of coffee and bags that go along with their theme of law enforcement. Their custom labels are witty and eye-catching. Visit their website to order! 

Random Fact of the Day

Did you know Americans spend, on average, $1,092 on coffee per year? That breaks down to $92.00 monthly, averaging $3.00 daily.