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What’s the difference between Kiss Cut and Die Cut Stickers?

kiss cut and die cut stickers
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Custom Stickers are more popular than ever!

Kiss cut and die cut stickers are in high demand right now! Often, when people create a custom sticker order, they don’t know the different types of stickers. Yes, it can get confusing, but that’s where we come in and help you out of a “sticky” situation! 

What's the difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers?

A popular question we get is, what’s the difference between Kiss Cut Stickers and Die Cut Stickers? Though they look the same, the main difference is the backing of the sticker. A Die Cut Sticker is laser cut to fit the exact shape and size desired. A Kiss Cut Sticker has a square backing that is larger than your sticker design. Not sure which one to choose? Here are some suggestions that can better help your decision! 

kiss cut stickers

Kiss Cut Stickers

With the paper backing on a Kiss Cut Sticker, removing the backing of your custom design is easier and faster. Also, if you have smaller details or a different design you may want to add, Kiss Cut Stickers are a great choice. This is perfect for business logos, foundation stickers, or even business cards that can be turned into stickers. Additionally, these stickers are great in stacks at conventions. Either way, we can guarantee you will be satisfied!

Die Cut Stickers

With Die Cut Stickers, we precisely align the paper backing with the sticker design and shape. Typically there’s a slit on the back of the sticker that makes it easy to peel off the backing. Oftentimes Die Cut stickers are very eye-catching. With Sticker Mountain’s high-tech equipment, we print unique, and Custom Die Cut Stickers in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes! Die Cut Stickers are perfect for craft shows, sticking them by the front door of your business, or handing them out to your customers or even your friends. With easy application, the visual attraction to your Custom Die Cut Sticker will draw in onlookers.

dinosaur stickers

How are they the same?

We digitally print both Kiss Cut and Die Cut Stickers. They both have the option of matte or glossy lamination. This helps your custom sticker fade less and your sticker to be more durable in outdoor conditions. Another way they are the same is you can customize your Sticker with all kinds of fun colors and shapes!  

kiss cut and die cut stickers
die cut stickers

At the end of the day, personal preference also plays a factor. If you are not sure, give them both a try and see which one you like best. Contact Sticker Mountain’s stellar customer service team if you find yourself having more questions. Or visit us at our Youtube channel or our FAQ page.

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