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What Are Metallic Stickers and Labels?

metallic labels and stickers
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Stickers and labels are quite the craze these days. But does your custom label have an eye-catching pop to it? Metallic labels and stickers is a great way to show your personality or represent your business. Why not take it one step further and give your custom label a shiny metallic finish that will shine so bright, that you can see it in the darkest of places.

What are Metallic Labels?

Metallic labels are a BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) material, specifically treated to have a reflective metallic effect on your product. The cool part about metallic labels is it’s printed on special paper, and the ink comes out almost transparent until the metallic effect shines through the ink. 

We even have the ability to block out the metallic effect by layering white ink on top of the material, before other colored inks lay on top, that way specific areas of your design can have that nice metallic look. 

This special paper makes your colors wickedly edgy and vibrant or even elegant and luxurious, depending on the laminate finish you choose. It is designed to make your custom metallic labels or custom metallic stickers stand out. Keep in mind everyone uses different terms for metallic labels, such as silver labels, foil labels or chrome labels. 

Customize your shapes, sizes, colors, silhouettes, and finishes. Metallic labels are printed like any other label and sticker. Metallic labels and stickers are extremely durable and water-resistant. With Sticker Mountain, you can make your custom labels bold, and let the metallic finish do all the talking.

3 Ways To Make Your Product Stand Out with Metallic BOPP

Custom labels with metallic paper allow your product to stand out. Whether your custom order is for business or pleasure, metallic paper is available for any type of label and sticker order. 

Take your custom metallic labels and stickers with you anywhere you go. 

Summertime is a great time to expose your business or personal fun with metallic labels! Show them off on your cooler at your local pool, or bring them to the lake with you on your boating accessories. It is a great time to advertise your business at a local block party or local park from a business aspect. Handing out stickers with your business logo is one of the best ways to advertise

Personalized Stickers 

Are you into camping? Or enjoy the great outdoors? Custom design a sicker that gives a stunning representation of your favorite lake. Add dark and light blues with a yellow/gold sunset background, then choose which areas of your sticker will be metallic. Bring your favorite view with you everywhere you go. On a water bottle, on your camper, or even on your car! Let the metallic finish keep your memories fresh with color. Remember, metallic labels and stickers are water-resistant and durable, so rub some dirt on it and get camping!

Business Labels 

A custom metallic label is a great way to catch consumers’ attention. It is just as important to have the label be great, as it is for the product to be great. Make it impossible for the consumer to walk by without giving your product a double look. 

How to Order Metallic Labels or Stickers?

Look no further than Sticker Mountain. We have a highly classified and trained digital design team, quick turnaround time, and stellar customer satisfaction! We are here to meet your needs. If you get stuck call our customer service team or even visit our FAQ page to find all the answers you need. Start your order today! 

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