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Stickers VS Labels – How To Know the Difference

stickers vs labels
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Every day millions of people worldwide order custom stickers and labels. Tall, short, fat, or skinny, labels and stickers are everywhere. No matter the shape or size, they will fulfill your needs. 

You’re probably asking yourself, what is the difference between a sticker and a label? While they seem like the same thing, stickers and labels are vastly different. Let’s get sticky and break down the differences between labels and stickers.

What are Labels?

Labels are printed on rolls meant for larger quantity orders. You can still custom order your labels to the cut and shape you want. Your options are not limited. Labels are aimed at the product market. A few examples would be:

In the food industry– 

Labels are essential for product packaging. They are found everywhere in the food industry. Nowadays, businesses even go as far as sealing up To-Go bags with their product label, and applying them to shipping boxes. Labels are a great option for products that sit on shelves and are distributed in the mass quantities like salsas, jams, etc.  

In the beverage industry- 

Let’s not forget about custom labels made for beer and wine. With the microbrewery industry climbing the charts, so are the labels being made for the beerWater bottles are another beverage custom labels are used for. Labels are an excellent source for selling your product. 

Another interesting difference between labels is they can withstand freezing temperatures. So there is no need to worry about your label peeling off when your product hits the freezer.

Additionally, labels are more cost-effective than stickers because of the type of paper used. Businesses also order labels in mass quantities to be put on machines to label their products. 

For more information about different types of paper used, check out Sticker Mountain’s YouTube channel. 

What are Stickers?

Stickers, on the other hand, come in individual stacks and not on rolls, but don’t worry; you can still order your stickers in large quantities. A significant difference between stickers and labels is cost. As shown above, labels are cheaper than stickers, and this is due to the different materials being used for each; paper, lamination, etc. Comparatively, stickers use a UV lamination that repels the sunlight to keep your custom design vibrant longer. 

Altogether, stickers are a fantastic way to promote your business or product. Create a custom sticker that expresses who you are without limitations! For example, stickers are great gifts for special events like weddings, birthdays, and even sporting events. Custom Stickers can be put anywhere! Your laptop, water bottles, car windows, and so many more! Your stickers can travel the world. 

electric poke sticker
dinosaur birthday stickers
business stickers

How are Stickers and Labels the Same?

Labels and stickers have some of the same features. Let’s take a look at some similarities:

water bottle stickers

Labels and stickers are both waterproof and oilproof. 

Yup! You got it. If your water bottle has a custom sticker and you drop it in the river, you better believe that sucker is not coming off! 

Labels and stickers are durable and can handle any environment as long as you’re up to the challenge.

Identically, labels and stickers come in gloss and matte laminate. Either will satisfy your business or personal needs. 


In addition, both can be ordered in custom shapes. Custom labels and stickers are the keys to business advertising, promoting businesses, or just simply the key to happiness.

matte vs gloss stickers and labels

After clarifying how stickers and labels are different and the same, you are now ready to decide which one will best fit for you.

Do you still have questions? Visit our FAQ page and YouTube channel for all the questions you may still have, or reach out to Sticker Mountain’s excellent customer service team where someone can further assist you! 

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Random Fact of the Day:

Did you know some historians believe the stickers’ invention possibly dates back to the ancient Egyptians? Archeologists discovered remains of papers that looked to be plastered on the walls of old markets to display the price of goods.