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Beer Label Printing

beer label printing
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Happy International Beer Day!

Today is not just a day to drink local or international craft beers but also to discover many entrepreneurs with a passion for brewing. Brewing beer isn’t just for people to gather around for a good time; it’s about making something that makes your taste buds jump with joy. Along with a great-tasting beer comes a great-looking beer bottle label. Your custom beer bottle label can draw in your buyer; stand out to the potential buyers, as well as fan favorites with a company that specializes in beer label printing.

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without a doubt causing a demand for custom craft beer labels. So make a great first impression on shoppers and start customizing your beer label today. First and foremost, let’s get “hopping” around with some ideas on creating your craft beer labels. There are many different ways to design your custom beer bottle labels. Let’s get started.

Let’s get “Crafty” With Craft Beer Label Printing!

metallic craft beer labels

There are so many ways to create your customized beer labels, starting with the label shape, size, colors, branding, and materials.

Label Shape

Label shapes depend on your bottle size and whether it’s a bottle, can, or a growler. As experts in beer label printing, Sticker Mountain can print any labels to fit your needs

Make your beer label stand out by using a rectangle with square corners to represent a scene of dominancy within your beer flavor. In addition, you can create a square label with rounded corners, giving the representation of soft, smooth tastes. 

halloween season custom beer labels
fishing beer labels

Alternatively, try oval or circle labels if your company wants something a little off the cuff. Circles represent concepts like eternity, wholeness, and the cycle of life. So if your craft beer has a blending taste that will forever quench the drinkers’ interest go with a circle or oval.

In addition to squares and circles, there are many more options for several shapes. For example, if you are targeting an outdoor market, you can create a custom-shaped beer label with a fish on it! Your options are limitless!

Label Size

Your beer label sizes can essentially be whatever you want. Nonetheless, you must measure your beer label dimensions correctly. It may look a little goofy if your beer label is too big for the bottle or can, and vice versa. Having the right fit can ensure a professional look from incoming consumers. 

Contact our customer service team for further assistance if you are curious about the average beer label size, and check out this blog to learn how to measure containers for labels!

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Label Colors

The colors of your custom beer labels are vital to making your beer noticeable. Reinforce your message and brand through colors. Does your beer have a more natural earthy Pale Ale vibe? Make your labels full of yellows, browns, and blues to represent the different blends. Or, for a bold IPA, create labels with solid colors such as various shades of red and hints of black. Or go with a softer boldness like deep purples and teals. Undoubtedly, color is an essential concept in customizing your label. 


Yes, the brand is also a vital component when it comes to designing your craft beer labels. Your branding needs to be unique and catchy. Not only should the consumers know your brand by taste but also by sight. People should be able to spot your bottle out of 100 others. A helpful tip is to keep the colors vibrant, or different from all the other breweries out there. Make your label pop, perhaps with metallic material or do something unique with your logo. For further questions on designing your brand, contact our customer service team to be connected with our top-of-the-line graphic artists for help. 

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Label Materials Matter

Make sure to choose a material that withstands cooler temperatures and condensation. Waterproof materials are the best way to protect your custom craft labels. Be striking with different materials, such as a metallic material. Metallic labels look fantastic with vivid colors, giving off an edgy, unique look. For custom beer can labels, try using clear label material with a glossy or matte laminate to create a unique design that has never been done before.

Spread the Word with Custom Brewery Stickers!

custom brewery stickers

Stickers are a great choice when trying to promote your business. Not only are stickers fun, but they are insanely popular! Your brewery can also purchase craft beer stickers along with craft beer labels. The number one way custom beer stickers can be helpful to your craft brewery is:

Since people love stickers so much, you can hand them out at local events, keep purchasable stacks next to the checkout registers, or when a customer orders their first drink, they receive your custom brewery sticker with it. You can even make bumper stickers with your brewery logo on them. Unlike labels, stickers can be put just about anywhere! If you make your stickers in fun shapes and sizes with fun colors, customers can put them on their laptops, bikes, and coolers and even take them to work to share with others.

idaho craft beer month sticker

We offer a wide variety of possibilities for your customer stickers at Sticker Mountain. There are Kiss-Cut Stickers, Die-Cut Stickers that come in a glossy or matte finish. Custom QR Code stickers that lead right to your website or social pages. Clear or Metallic Stickers. Let your craft beer travel the country with your custom craft brewery stickers!

Sticker Mountain's Got Your Back in Beer Label Printing

We care and take pride in our customersyour company is not just a list of orders and packages. Above all, Sticker Mountain does what it takes to ensure you have the best custom labels and stickers you can ask for! Beer label printing is our specialty! Community is a big deal here at Sticker Mountain, which is why we give back to our communities through various charities that change each year. Begin your order today! Let’s grow, and brew together!

Random fact of the day

Did you know Colorado has more than 400 established breweries? Colorado has the fourth most breweries in the U.S (per capita).